Technical Consultant - Course


In this 10-week long Bootcamp-style training course, we will be preparing you to launch your tech career by teaching you the core engineering skills you will need to work on software products.

Our engineering stream starts from the very beginning, taking you through front-end web development technologies like HTML, CSS jQuery and Javascript. The course then moves onto server-side languages (ruby and node for example).

In this second module, you'll build on your front-end web development experience and learn how to build full-stack applications using enterprise level frameworks and best practice software design patterns. After your first 6 weeks of core engineering training, you will have passed the first major qualifying point of your training as a software engineer! After this, you'll then be given further practical training in various areas of software development like web, software architecture or quality assurance.

Trainees on this stream could have the opportunity to work in many different areas, which could include roles in front-end development, back-end development, mobile and web testing, quality assurance engineering, DevOps, platform development and infrastructure engineering.

Course overview

Bringing Sparta Global grads into our team has been beneficial beyond the extra pairs of hands.Dan Buckland - Chelsea Apps Factory

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