Canada Life is a subsidiary of Great-West Lifeco Inc and a member of the Power Financial Corporation group of companies. Operating in the UK since 1903, Canada Life looks after the retirement, investment and protection needs of individuals, families and companies to build better futures for its customers.

The Challenge

With a growing focus on automating processes and improving its digital offering, Canada Life needed to fill a number of technical roles within development and business analysis. While considering these positions, Ben Allen - Principal Consultant at Canada Life - identified further ways the company could improve the effectiveness of its delivery. Recognising the benefits of integrating Agile principles, Canada Life looked to Sparta Global and its Spartans to nurture the company's new Agile mind-set and fill Developer, Tester, DevOps Engineer and Business Analyst roles. 

The Solution 

Leading Canada Life's Agile transformation project, Ben Allen credits the Spartans for being critical to its new delivery strategy. At the Sparta Academy an Agile mind-set is instilled from the outset and Ben could quickly see the benefits of applying and sharing that knowledge across the company. Introducing stand-up desks and stand-up meetings, the Spartans are helping to breathe new life into the company and change how its people operate. 

Spartans at Canada Life have even dedicated their own time to train and upskill the people around them. Aiming to improve the Agile adoption, regular meet ups are used to encourage the team to share Agile experiences, run workshops and teach new processes. 

Spartans have also made practical improvements to Canada Life's manual processes that could be slow and difficult to manage, such as the on boarding of new Canada Life members. The new automated system will make the process quicker and easier to carry out.

With a new testing team and strategy in place, Spartans can cover every manual testing eventuality, providing a level of accuracy that couldn’t be there in previous projects and bringing real value to the company, its testing and its customers.

  • The Spartans have really strong, positive attitudes and that is absolutely vital in any kind of change programme. If we are faced with problems or situations where things are not going by the theory book, it is really important that your team is made up of people with a positive, practical attitude and that is absolutely what the Spartans have.

    Ben AllenPrincipal Consultant at Canada Life
  • There is a real internal impact for companies when they make moves to improve internal systems. Saving money is great but saving time is equally as important. I’m excited to see the impact my work will have and how efficiencies can be improved across the entire organisation.

    Lauren CollisSpartan at Canada Life
  • By planning and executing daily tests and introducing special testing requirements, we have been able to assess processes differently and identify issues that could have otherwise been missed.

    Jason MensahSpartan at Canada Life