FitFlop is a footwear brand famed for its muscle activating shoes that optimise pressure diffusion and body alignment. FitFlop shoes were first created in 2007, after Dr David Cook and Darren James – both biomechanists at London South Bank University – collaborated with Marcia Kilgore to create the world's first muscle-activating flip flop. Tens of millions of shoes have now been sold in more than 66 countries and FitFlop has offices in London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City and New York.


The Challenge

To eradicate quality issues and defects getting into live, FitFlop needed to transform its testing format. With no defined testing team in place, Tom Wakeford, Head of Business Solutions, needed to find new talent for the company’s growing IT team. Faced with the opportunity to introduce freshly trained talent, Tom approached Sparta Global to provide expertly trained consultants. Impressed by the skills Spartan candidates had displayed when working with Sparta Global in a previous job, Tom asked Sparta to partner with FitFlop in early 2017.  


The Solution 

FitFlop is now working with three Spartan consultants –  two are improving quality through testing and a third candidate is responsible for providing app support. From the moment FitFlop interviewed candidates, Sparta Global handled the induction of successful Spartans into the business, from start to finish.

Forming FitFlop’s first testing team, the Spartans ensure the FitFlop website is working as expected and customers can successfully place an order with no issues. From a delivery perspective, quality has dramatically improved with the help of the Spartan testing team. Customers are benefitting from less frustration and more people are buying FitFlop footwear. There is also a continued faith within the business that quality is always going to be there.

When Spartans were first introduced, FitFlop was re-platforming its website - moving from Demandware to Hybris. In addition to successfully testing the new Hybris platform, the Spartans have proved valuable in testing each system FitFlop uses.

While improving quality issues, the Spartan consultants have also established themselves as integral members of the FitFlop team. Sian Smith, Head of Resourcing and Talent at FitFlop, credits the Spartans with being curious and eager to learn. Newly trained, they contribute fresh ideas to the IT team and have adapted quickly and successfully to the company’s culture. Tom Wakeford says; “I would absolutely recommend Sparta, its been a great experience and we’ve got three great people that I don’t know what I would do without”.

  • It’s been a great injection of energy to have them on board. They’ve come in with no preconceptions, with fresh ideas and we are really enjoying having them in the business

    Sian Smith Head of Resourcing and Talent at FitFlop
  • The Spartans just bring a real enthusiasm to their work. They’re here on time, all day, and working hard. I don’t have to manage them at all, so you can take real pleasure in teaching and developing them, but they’ve come with that great attitude and grounding in training from Sparta

    Tom WakefordHead of Business Solutions
  • One of the biggest benefits that we have added is the testing factor. The company didn’t have a testing team before and we have now added that entire dimension across everything at FitFlop

    Fatjet CurrajConsultant at FitFlop