Solidsoft Reply is a global award-winning Microsoft Gold certified partner with over 20 years’ experience in developing custom business applications and integration solutions with Microsoft BizTalk Server and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Solidsoft Reply helps customers succeed through its expertise in designing and implementing innovative solutions, through continued commitment and investment in Microsoft technologies, delivered by highly developed and competent people.



For several years, the European Union (EU) has been concerned about the increasing threat of counterfeit or ‘falsified’ medicines to public health and safety. In 2011, the European Commission (EC) started work to to address concerns under the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). The final phase of the FMD is due to be rolled out from 9 February 2019 and is designed to protect patients by minimising the chances of counterfeit medicines entering the established medicines supply chain across Europe. Solidosft Reply engineered, developed and currently operates the system that will enable manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and everyone who supplies to patients to verify the authenticity of a medicinal product, identify individual packs, and check whether the outer packaging of medicines has been tampered with.

A significantly complex system that requires thousands of test cases to ensure it is running efficiently, Solidsoft Reply needed to employ a large number of talented test engineers. Based in Basingstoke, just outside of London, Solidsoft Reply struggled to find individuals with the particular test automation skills they needed.



Sparta Global was introduced to Solidsoft Reply by one of the other companies in its group. After an initial meeting to discuss its challenges around talent acquisition and retention, Solidsoft Reply identified Sparta Global as a company that could provide the talent and skills they needed - at scale, quickly and cost effectively.

Sparta Global was able to supply the quality testing talent Solidsoft Reply needed. Spartan consultants first started in testing practice at the company and were then moved into more operational roles as their qualities aligned to those important to Solidsoft Reply. Our Spartans quickly adapted to the company’s culture, using their knowledge to deliver projects at the highest quality and become an asset to Solidsoft Reply.

The introduction of the Spartan consultants not only enabled Solidsoft Reply to fill key technical roles but also introduced a new means of retaining talent long term and sustainably growing their team.

  • Sparta is providing us with good stability and less resource turnaround, sharing the knowledge we need within our team and helping the business to grow. As soon as challenges in the system are identified and shared with us – we know we can handle them. I would definitely choose to introduce more Spartans.

    Prashant Hatle Senior Test Manager at Solisoft Reply
  • It’s been fantastic and hugely rewarding to see how much our Spartans have grown during their time on site with Solidsoft Reply. They came straight out of training and into a key programme of work and it was great to see how they hit the ground running.

    Michael Stevens Senior Account Manager at Sparta Global