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Technology is everywhere, but diversity in the industry is not. In Silicon Valley, men currently hold 76% of technical jobs and 95% of the tech workforce is white.

As a provider of both employment and education, Sparta Global is committed to creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive learning environment where every graduate is given the opportunity to be a future leader in technology. Our Academies are helping to shape a tech workforce representative of the UK today, populated by people from different walks of life, with different ideas, strengths and weaknesses. 

We ensure diversity is made relevant and significant at every level of our business and have partnered with several organisations that share in these beliefs. These include:

We ensure that diversity is made relevant and significant at every level of our business and we love supporting and working with organisations who will join us in these beliefs.

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Tech Talent Charter

The Tech Talent Charter is an industry collective comprised of more than 150 companies - all of which are dedicated to several charter commitments designed to improve gender balance in the tech industry. Sparta has a growing number of clients and prospective clients who are either investigating joining or are already members. Lexie was asked to speak on a panel at an event in Oxford for the TTC targeted at recruitment for SME in 2018.

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Code First Girls

CFG supports women who are in, or recently out of education, teaching them to code with free evening workshops – providing 2 hours of coding classes each week for 8 weeks. Women are taught HTML, CSS and basic Javascript and will be able to build a simple website.

Working with CFG for 18 months, Sparta has helped support the company’s agenda to get more women into coding. Sparta hosts CFG evening courses at the Richmond Academy – with plans to host a course in Birmingham in September. Three Sparta trainers have also volunteered evenings to teach these courses and at least 30 Spartans have signed up to volunteer for CFG evening courses across the country in London, Leeds and other locations whilst at the academy and when on placement. 

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A not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. Codebar supports any person who considers themselves to be in a minority in the tech industry with regard to ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. They are an international organisation with chapters across the globe. They have a long list of sponsors including some of the world’s largest tech companies.

Lexie is one of the organisers for the West London area and Sparta Global is a sponsor of its workshops – hosting evening workshops in Richmond and providing food and refreshments. Sparta also encourages its team to sign up to volunteer and help others learn to code.

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