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Businesses are facing multiple challenges - a decline in markets, the sustained fallout of a global pandemic, the ‘Great Attrition’ in talent, and increased challenges around building and sustaining diverse emerging talent pipelines.

We believe traditional talent attraction excludes much of the UK’s highest potential business and technology talent. Our innovative hire, train, deploy (HTD) approach is designed to solve this problem. 

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The Athena Academy

A Sparta Global stream exclusively for women technologists. Training is designed and delivered by women, for women.

At the end of training, Spartans are available for immediate assignment and can be onboarded in a large team deployment (dedicated programme) or hired individually.

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The Sparta Academy

1000+ Spartans available each year

We hire and train Spartans throughout the year, with our Academy programmes delivering on-demand emerging business and technology talent for our client partners across in-demand business and technology areas. 

All Spartans complete comprehensive technical training and build business acumen and can be deployed for flexible contract lengths of up to 24 months before converting to permanent employees.

Dedicated Programmes

Onboard larger Spartan teams (12+) in one deployment

Dedicated programmes refer to the attraction, training and delivery of entire cohorts for your bespoke needs. In addition to Sparta Global’s Academy training schedule, dedicated programmes can be scheduled for any time of the year – and in-line with your hiring strategies.

In collaboration with our training and Academy teams, curriculums can be adapted to meet your specific team tools and responsibilities, to solve specific ED&I objectives, or target recruitment based on important factors including geography, educational background and more.

The future of talent with Sparta Global

FInd out how Sparta Global is attracting, training and delivering top business and technology talent for more than 100 organisations across the world. 

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