“I found moving to a new city simple - I had support from Sparta Global and it helped me feel comfortable in the workplace.”


After years studying Physics and Engineering, Tina Gohill made the leap towards a career in tech. Completing our technical course at the Richmond Academy, Tina landed her first tech role in Leeds – a new career and a new city. One year on, we caught up with Tina to find out how she has been getting on…


Tell us a little bit about your Sparta Academy experience?
I studied Physics at Queen Mary university before moving to Brighton for three years to study for a PhD in Engineering. I really enjoyed the computer programming aspects of my education and soon after finishing my PhD, I decided on a career change into IT. I was contacted by Sparta Global after uploading my CV to a website similar to CV library. I researched the company online and read the positive reviews before accepting an invitation from the talent team to attend an open day. Just two weeks later I had started my 12-week software development training at the Richmond campus! I instantly gelled with everyone on my course, my trainers and the Head of Education.

From the start of my training I had met informally with clients and been through mock interviews with the academy trainers. Eight weeks into the course I was offered a couple of interviews with prospective clients, something I felt completely prepared for. I was placed after my second interview and in my 11th week of training I moved to Leeds where my placement was. The Sparta HR team helped me find accommodation and were on hand to answer any questions I had before the move.


What have you been up to since leaving the Academy?
I have had one placement as a contractor with Sparta Global, taking up my current position based in Leeds. I found moving to a new city relatively simple - I had support from Sparta Global and it helped me feel very comfortable in the workplace.

A year on, it is clear I have implemented a lot of the skills I learned during my Sparta training and I have now been made a permanent member of staff at my placement company. Accepting a permanent position was a natural progression for me - I already had confidence from my year’s experience as a contractor with Sparta Global and I was happily settled in Leeds.


What have you learned in your first 18 months working in the tech industry?
I have learned how important it is to keep up to date with new technologies and why you should always be willing to upskill and improve. Practically, I have learnt a lot about management techniques and how different companies use different working methodologies i.e. waterfall vs scrum.

I have also been lucky enough to work in Leeds – a city with a large tech community. I have met lots of technical testers and software developers outside of my workplace at test meet ups and conferences and have found a great platform to share ideas and learn new things.