5 reasons why you should work in technology


If you’re interested in being on the precipice of research, discovery, development and innovation, there is no better industry to be in than technology. It is a sector that has continued to grow, evolve and innovate since its inception and remains a hotbed for both recent graduates and experienced professionals.

For recent grads or emerging talent looking to launch a career, career changers and returners – we’ve highlighted five reasons why the technology industry is the place to be.

1) Be at the centre of research and innovation

One of the biggest draws for working in technology, is the work itself. The technology industry is built on the very idea of breaking new ground and technology professionals are embedded into this culture of growth and advancement.

It’s a creative industry that values big thinkers, movers and shakers and is a hub of activity.

2) Meaningful work

There are few industries that shift the way the world lives and functions the way that technology does. Your work environment has the potential to help create a new product or service that will benefit businesses, people or environments. But technology isn’t only about coming up with new ideas – it also involves figuring out how to make those ideas work and provide solutions. Of course, this means that there’s a lot of problem-solving involved. If you’re the type who loves puzzles and cracking codes, technology is the perfect place to focus your skillset.

3) A welcome challenge

Working in technology – an industry that is ever-changing and moves at a rapid pace – means you will be continually intellectually and mentally challenged. To keep up with the rate of change and to be at the forefront of innovation, you need to challenge yourself to find solutions, create growth and invent new products.

Whether you are a network administrator, IT professional or a rocket scientist, your work will rarely, - if ever - be boring!

4) Variety

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to describing the role of a technology professional.

The scope of what it means to work in tech is incredibly vast. The most popular areas of the industry today include Data, Development and Software Engineering, but technology overlaps with virtually every other industry too. Technology professionals have the opportunity to work in the private and public sector across medicine, entertainment, financial services, law and more.

The great thing about this is that professionals can marry their passions in other areas with their love of technology.

5) High demand, high reward

Since technology is integral to the success of so many different fields, it should come as no surprise that technology professionals are in demand – always. An estimated one million tech jobs went unfulfilled in 2020, signalling a huge technology talent deficit in UK. Furthermore, over 50% of company learning & development leaders in a Udemy survey said technical skills were their top priority for training in 2020.

So long as there are problems within an industry that require a solution, the skills of a technology professional will always be an employable asset whose work is valued. With this comes great opportunities for renumeration, promotion and career progression.

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