A safe space to learn: Data Engineering at Sparta


Kieran Badesha is a Data Engineering Spartan who joined our training programme during the pandemic. After developing a passion for technology whilst in higher education, our Academy offered an opportunity to start a career in tech with no prior experience. However, Kieran also connected with our stance as an equal opportunities employer and saw our training environment as an inclusive space to learn and grow. Find out about his journey…


Hi Kieran! Let’s kick off by finding out a bit more about your background.  

I went to Lancaster University where I studied Mathematics – with a Physics Minor in my first year.

I have always been interested in numbers and statistics so thought a career in banking or finance would be perfect for me. However, during my degree I was introduced to R programming and from there I found my way into Python programming, before completing a course in Data Analysis during lockdown. 

So, you hadn’t always considered a career in technology but discovered a passion for data! Did you come up against any barriers when trying to kickstart a career in technology? 

Yes. I felt like my degree may have been too general and that meant I didn’t have many applicable experiences for tech. Maths was very theoretical, whereas if I’d studied something like engineering, I may have had more experience in building things. A lot of jobs in tech were asking for experience in SQL and Python and/or sector experience, which I just didn’t have.


Sparta Global does not require specific experience or a tech background to join its Academy. Is this why you chose to join us?

I chose to join Sparta’s Data programme because it offered an intense learning opportunity with no requirements for prior experience, but it was their high calibre of clients that showed me how well the courses prepared Spartans for their careers too. Sparta offered great foundation data knowledge through their curriculum; data cleaning, SQL and Python, then furthered your knowledge through big data concepts and the cloud. 


However, I chose Sparta as they have a great track record for inclusivity. In my short time here, I have had the chance to collaborate with their ED&I team and be supported to accomplish things I never thought that I could do - like writing blogs! (Click to read Kieran’s blog). I think they are doing an amazing job with this messaging. As Spartans continue to kickstart careers with more organisations, they can take with them an inclusive way of thinking and working that will allow us to change the tech industry for the better.  


That’s great to hear that you connected with us on the basis of our shared values around diversity and inclusion. Advocating for equity in tech is so important to us!

As a British Indian professional, the culture at Sparta Global is amazing. Everyone is treated the same and the diversity across the company is insane, there’s never a time where you feel like an odd one out.

Different backgrounds mean that people think about things in a completely different way. If there was no inclusion in a business then there would be no diversity, and with no diversity you’re likely to have people that all think in the same way! When that happens, you’ll end up only moving in one direction and with less thought for other innovative avenues.

What do you think diversity brings specifically to technology? 

Diverse people are likely to bring in more creativity and more innovation. Without it, organisations can miss out on opportunities to grow in new markets and with new audiences. Inclusivity also champions accessibility, without diversity businesses could end up bringing out technologies that fail to meet requirements for some minorities in society.

It’s great to hear of your passion and excitement about the role you may be able to play in the future of tech! You have recently come to the end of your Data training, how did you find your Academy experience?

The training is very intense, but the support is great and everyone really wants the best for you! Various teams work hard to make the experience as best as it possibly can be, but if you need more help - just need to drop your trainer a message and they’ll always find time for you. Even if you’re struggling with how you are feeling about areas of work – rather than the work itself – they are there.

It was a real shame that I had to complete my training during Covid and had to communicate with everyone remotely, but I met some really great people along the way! Overall, it’s been a great experience and I’ve been pushed to do things I didn’t think I could in such a short space of time. It’s been a great boost in confidence at a time when finding work felt impossible. 
Thank you for sharing your experience! Would you recommend Sparta Global to other graduates/junior talent?

Sparta Global gives you an opportunity that is very rewarding. The training gives you really good knowledge of the tech sector and specialism that you choose and the staff/colleagues are wonderful. Everyone is really supportive and wants the best for you and will try their best to help you reach your potential. 


It’s important to note that training is unpaid and you need to be in a place to support yourself through this time and up until you are assigned to your first role. The intensity of the work schedule would likely make it difficult to keep up with a side job, but there are lots of pros.


You learn a lot in a short space of time and it gives a really good base of knowledge to start off a career in tech. The team are always looking for roles for you - from the moment you start your basic training – and its the perfect foot in the door at some amazing companies that work with Sparta Global.