Adam Koyuncu: My Sparta Global story


After joining our London Academy and DevOps training programme with no previous IT experience, Spartan Adam Koyuncu was assigned to a fintech client in Belfast. After a successful assignment with the startup bank and falling in love with a new city, Adam has accepted a new role in Belfast with innovative organisation, SAP. Now a DevOps Engineer supporting the Global & China Multi-Cloud DevSecOps team, we asked Adam to take a look back at his time with Sparta Global and the role we played in helping to kickstart his career.


No more rejection

I was rejected, again and again. Lost, frustrated and defeated, I didn’t know what else to do but keep on applying for jobs. I had no specific IT skills and no experience in software. Who would hire me? At this time, I thought there was no way I could get the dream job in technology that I wanted – a feeling I’m sure every graduate or career changer experiences.


An opportunity 

One day, I came across Sparta Global on LinkedIn. I was curious about what they could offer and how their training worked. I saw that they were on the lookout for passionate, open-minded and studious people. They weren’t just looking to find, train and place anyone - their mission was to add value to innovative companies by transforming unique outgoing graduates and career changers into tech specialists. I understood from this moment that Sparta Global offered the foot in the door people like me needed - as long as you’re willing to work for it.


Becoming an expert

After accepting the offer of a place on Sparta Global’s DevOps course, I started my tech journey. The weeks were intense, filled with concepts, programming exercises and group presentations. Our class and I had developed and achieved so much in a short amount of time. With their help and the contemporary training, I understood more about DevOps, its tools and became more of a specialist in the field. Sparta Global really add value with their courses and what you learn will be with you for a lifetime. It’s up to you how you use it!


A new world

I think applying for jobs is like being on the battlefield. But Sparta Global does this all for you. Like I said, they show you the door and it’s up to you to walk through it. They equipped me with all the tools of the trade. Moreover, they had a personalised training program to help me pass interviews and present myself too. This was how I got my first job with a great emerging fintech client. The sales, HR and development teams all helped guide me when I joined the project. In every part of your journey they were supporting me all the way.

My verdict

Sparta Global is an amazing place to start your career in tech. They are doing what the government couldn’t do: upskilling, training you in tech and assigning you to a job. I liken their program to a two-year apprenticeship scheme where you make friends, work constantly with big clients and develop yourself. You can become a capable technical consultant at the end of the two years. If you want to start your career in tech, Sparta Global might be the thing you’ve just been waiting for!