April Spartan of the Month: Charlotte Kings


Graduating during a pandemic, and recognising a steep decline in hiring, Charlotte Kings knew kickstarting a career was going to be difficult. However, in June 2020, Charlotte secured a place on our Data Engineering programme. After three months of hard work and completing our training and self-study entirely remotely, Charlotte secured her first role with one of our clients. Read her story…



Congratulations for being named Spartan of the Month!

It felt amazing! Especially to be named Spartan of the Month so early on in my placement.


Let’s go back to the very start of your Spartan journey. Why did you decide to join Sparta Global?

I studied Mathematics at Coventry University and Sparta Global got in touch with me after seeing my CV on a graduate job website. They called to offer me an interview in November 2019 and when I told them I wouldn’t be graduating until May 2020, they worked with me arrange a training course that would suit my time.

I had not really considered a career in tech, but Sparta Global was continuing to offer training in the Pandemic when nobody else was hiring. I knew joining Sparta Global would give me the best opportunity to kickstart a career.


How has your training experience been at Sparta Global?

While I was technically based in the Birmingham Academy, I completed my Data Engineering training programme with Sparta Global entirely remotely. When a role became available on the client project I am now assigned to, I also completed a Business Analysis course from home to make sure I had all the skills for the job.

I really enjoyed my time as part of the Academy. It was probably the hardest I’ve ever worked, with long days training and long nights completing homework, but it flies by!


How do you think your training has prepared you for work?

In my training we went above and beyond the data analysis skills I needed for my current position, so I was more than prepared for my current assignment.

But another skill the Sparta training really pushed was presentations. I wasn’t very confident doing these before the training but I have recently presented to 150 people at a programme day in my new role!


Can you tell us a little bit about your current role?

I am Business Analyst working with a Sparta Global public sector client.

Currently I am working on a project that is helping to digitise processes across local authorities in England and Wales. On a daily basis, I do a lot of analysis on local authority datasets, propose how to clean their data and then train our data team on how to action the solution.


How have you found your first tech role?

It has definitely been challenging, but that makes it interesting! There’s always a new problem to solve and I love the fast-paced nature of working in technology.  


Would you recommend Sparta Global to other graduates?

Absolutely! Sparta Global is a great training experience which sets you up so well for working on real technical projects. Once the training is over, Sparta do all the back-breaking job hunting for you to find you amazing assignments with their clients.