August Spartan of the Month: Elizabeth Edge


Elizabeth Edge’s hardwork and drive has not gone unnoticed since she began working with our client - a well-known asset management organisation. After completing her Academy training and starting her first tech role in lockdown, Lizzie has continued to receive outstanding feedback from her manager and various stakeholders - even asked to speak at a town hall event to 120 people after just two months on assignment. We caught up with History grad Lizzie to talk about her journey so far... 


Congratulations for being named joint Spartan of the Month winner for August! 

It was very surprising, but I am grateful for the recognition and can’t wait to see everyone I work with to get their recognition. Everyone is doing a great job! 


Before we jump into discussing your time at Sparta, it’s interesting to see you actually studied a History degree. How did you end up training with us? 

That’s right, I studied History at Leeds University. I came across Sparta Global on Linkedin and looked into their jobs. I thought it was great that Sparta Global could help people who didn’t do a tech degree acheieve a qualification, so I joined the SDET Java course in April 2020. I trained online during lockdown, finished in August and was placed in my current role in January.  


How did you find your training? 

Really great. I was very impressed with how they delivered the training entirely over teams! The curriculum gave me the basic platform to be able to build on when I started my client assignement. From starting out with no technical knowledge at all, this was a bonus!  


Can you tell us a bit about your current assignment?  

I am an SDET at a British multinational asset management company. I am currently working on a pilot program to implement shift-left, working with a team to build an automation framework and create tests and new pipelines to speed up delivery and improve quality.  


How have you found your first tech role? 

I’ve found it very insightful to constantly learn new things. I’ve had some great opportunities to get recognition across the business and hope to keep networking and improving all my skills.  


I’m really enjoying working in technology too – being part of change is great and rewarding. Advocating for females in this industry is also very empowering and something I really love to do.  


Would you recommend Sparta Global to other graduates and if so – why? 

I would recommend it to anyone who needs tech training and who doesn’t already have the skills to get into the job market, for example anyone with a degree that doesn’t necessarily fit the criteria for tech jobs.