August Spartan of the Month: Neveen Elasar


Passionate about crafting a career in technology after studying an IT degree, Neveen Elasar breezed through our Academy’s DevOps course and is now a highly sought-after Spartan. After completing work on a project for financial services provider iPSL, Neveen joined the UK’s largest insurance provider as a Platform Engineer. Also an advocate for women in tech, Neveen now speaks publicly about her experiences in what remains a male-dominated industry and is often invited to speak at events about her digital journey.



Congratulations for being named Spartan of the Month for July! How does it feel?


I wasn’t expecting it, so it was a really nice surprise towards to end the week with! It feels good to have my work recognised in that way and the recognition motivates me to continue working hard.


You’ve now been with Sparta Global for more than two years, but can you take us back to the start? How did you first find out about us?


I studied a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Middlesex University and first heard about Sparta Global through its career and employment festival.


When I met Beth from the talent team, she told me all about the different paths we could take during the training program, and the different areas we could specialize in. I chose to attend an assessment day and I learned even more about the different types of clients and jobs we could go into. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door of the tech industry quickly after graduation and joined the Academy in May 2018.


I studied on the DevOps course and finished in August 2018.


Tell us a little more about your training experience.


The training program was very intense but incredibly informative. Despite having a degree in IT, there were new concepts and tools introduced to me, especially around DevOps!


The training helped me acquire new technical skills to help with my role as a DevOps/Platform Engineer. We covered a lot of cloud concepts and common services from AWS. The training allowed me to work on my soft skills, as well as introduced me to Agile principles and methodologies, which were being used in both companies I’ve worked with.


You are currently on your second client assignment with Sparta Global, but can you tell us a bit more about your first role in technology?


My first tech role was a DevOps Consultant/Scrum Master with iPSL – a financial services company in Northampton. The organisation was looking to move into fintech and transform it way of working from waterfall to Agile, moving away from using paper and to go digital. When I first joined the company I started as a junior DevOps consultant but in just a few months was asked to also take on the role of a Scrum Master and help plan workload, organise and deliver the project.


I’m very proud of this achievement because I was leading a team of far more experienced developers - mostly men - and was helping influence decision making and design of several aspects of the project. We successfully delivered a project that focused on creating and implementing a framework now used by the entire change and delivery department and have partially moved the company to the cloud. In many ways this was a very challenging first role, but I learned a lot from it that I’ve taken into my current role.



Where are you currently working and what are your responsibilities?


I am currently a Platform Engineer with a leading UK insurance provider.


My current role differs slightly from my previous DevOps Scrum Master role in that I am heavily involved in the delivery side. I’m coding every day and even using a new programming language - Python. It’s also marked a shift in technologies as I previously worked with Azure before and now have moved to AWS.


In the first three weeks of this role I became a certified AWS practitioner and in the five months since (despite the sudden change in how we are now working due to COVID-19) I have delivered two product services (Standard VPC, and Transit Gateway), that are continually used by teams across the organisation. I have automated several continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines and other processes too!


This job is very fast paced and working in the cloud, where there is a constant change and increase in services, motivates me to keep on top of all the latest services and understand and propose ways the company can utilise these services to improve our work and meet business needs.


Are you enjoying working in the tech industry and if so – why?


I am very much enjoying my career path and what I’m doing. I’ve always been passionate about tech and how you can continuously create and innovate through lines of code. I’ve also noticed the huge gap between female and male representation in the field and felt like pursuing a career in tech and actively joining community events, talks, etc to promote equal opportunities in the industry is a way for me to contribute and help bridge that gap. I’m lucky I get to do the thing I enjoy for a living and hopefully can continue to help with initiatives to make a difference in the community!


Would you recommend Sparta Global to other graduates and if so – why?

I would! I’ve seen the program work for people from technical and non-technical background alike. So if someone is looking to kick start their career in the IT field, this program is the way to go!