BLOG: How to smash it at a graduate programme assessment day: 10 Top Tips from Gaia Caruso


If you have been invited to attend an assessment centre for a competitive graduate programme, preparation is going to be key in helping you land that dream role. At Sparta Global, our assessment centres bring together talented individuals from any degree background who are looking to make a change in the world through technology. These are our best tips for smashing it at the assessment day.

1 – Research more about Sparta Global before the day: what does the company do? What type of projects do we run with our clients? What is our business model? You can visit the company website, browse social media, use LinkedIn

2 – Take time to reflect on your motivation and drive: why do you think the programme is a good fit for you? Why are you interested in Technology? Which skills could you bring to the company? Maybe you are naturally curious and you are never bored with learning new things or you are a great problem solver? Start thinking about examples that tell a story about your skills and competencies.

3 – Invest in a great first impression: dress smart and professional, be punctual, bring your ID with you, introduce yourself professionally.

4 – Explore the company culture on site: take advantage of your office-based assessment centre to learn more about the company values and behaviours. Start a conversation with members of staff or current trainees. Get familiar with the Academy environment.

5 – Connect with your peers on the day: get to know the other candidates from the get-go. Familiarise with their names. Introduce yourself. Be polite and friendly. Form friendships throughout the day.

6 – Show great attitude: sit up and pay attention during the company presentation. Ask intelligent questions. Engage with the Talent Team. Show self-awareness. Smile and talk positively about yourself, avoid negativity. Be conscientious: remember that you are being evaluated and assessed at all times during the day.

7 – Put your best foot forward in the group activities: this is your opportunity to shine. When it comes to group tasks, show that you are a great team player. If you have an idea, put it forward and be confident. Do not be afraid to speak up. Be collaborative and respectful of everyone’s opinion. Be courteous when working with your peers: don’t undermine other members of the group. Try your best to win challenges and prove yourself.

8 – Think outside the box to solve problems. Technology is about innovation and creative thinking: when presented with a problem, probe all relevant resources to solve it. Be analytical. Look beyond the obvious answer: we value individuals that can think in different directions.

9 – Tell us your story: let your personality shine during the day. Tell us about yourself: what are you passionate about? What impact would you like to have in the world? What are your strengths? Why do you want to get into Tech? Share your ideas. Teach us something we may not know, inspire us!

10 – Be positive and professional during the interview. Show commitment and enthusiasm. Be very clear on why you are passionate about the programme. Be strategic: give real-life examples that prove your skills and explain why you are a good fit for the role. Ask how you could have done better on the day. Show gratitude for the opportunity. If the assessors ask that you undertake any further steps (e.g. complete a psychometric test from home) be prepared to be punctual with any given deadline. Thank the interviewers for their time and stay in touch after the interview.

by Gaia Caruso - Talent Manager at Sparta Global