BLOG: Top 10 Most Impressive things that our Talent Team has heard in interviews with graduates


Want some inspiration for your job interview? Here are Top 10 Most Impressive things said to me in a job interview...


Blog by Beth Nicholls, Talent Consultant, Sparta Global Academy


Below I have included the top 10 most impressive things I have heard from a graduate at the interview stage. During this stage of the application process it is an opportunity for the graduate to really impress the interviewer to increase their chances of being selected for the programme. Sparta Global interview many people for one course and it’s the ones that go that extra mile that impress us. In my career I have heard many great comments during an interview and below are some of the top 10.

1# What can I do to go above and beyond to help you as an organisation

2# One candidate wanted to showcase how well they’d researched the company during their interview, as a challenge they asked me to test them on their knowledge. I liked the enthusiasm and confidence they showed in turning the interview on its head.

3# What do you expect me to achieve in the 1st/2nd year in order to excel

4#  Would I have freedom to research more material that what I am given in the training

5# One candidate referred to the fact that the company CEO had been included in a book on good business practice and quoted some of his advice back to me.

6# Apart from the pre-work material what else could I do prior to starting a course

7# Could I research more of an evening and request more homework

8#  What do you like about your role and this company

9#  What can I do to impress clients other than doing my day to day role

10# What are the main challenges you face