Consultant Blog: "I have made a great bunch of friends in the workplace, and I've got to see more of the North!" Says Tina Gohil Sparta Global Consultant



Is it time to start your adventure and begin a career in tech? 


Tina Gohil is a Test Consultant at a low cost British airline in Leeds - moving from London where she completed her training at the Sparta Global Academy, Richmond. It's been an exciting journey for Tina, and she is truly embracing the journey that can come with the Sparta Global Academy programme, loving Leeds city life, and has made a ton of new pals. We caught up with Tina to find out more...


Which university degree course did you complete?

I graduated in Theoretical Physics MSci at Queen Mary, London.


Describe your role at the Briitsh airline


Primarily manual testing the airline's website to ensure that the booking path is working appropriately for customers as we update the website. This involves checking the responsiveness of the website, its functionality and its look & feel across multiple browsers and different devices. I also write automated test scripts to test the micro services that the airline uses - using Groovy Script and Soap UI.


How have you enjoyed exploring a new region within the UK through working as a Consultant with Sparta Global?


Sparta Global made it very easy to relocate by supporting my in my search for accommodation so moving to a new region felt relatively painless. I am happy that I am able to experience a new area and meet different types of people during my time in Leeds, I've managed to make new friends in the process as well as pick up new interests and hobbies.  It has opened the door for me to attend more technical discussions and presentations as Leeds has a strong IT presence.


To other Spartans about to embark on their journey of contracting at different areas of the UK – what advice would you give to them?

Welcome relocation with an open mind and view it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance - it's a great way to gain new experiences. Make sure you use the support that Sparta Global give financially and personally. Once you've moved to a new place, try to meet new people and put yourself in new situations, I've found it's helped me and other Spartans get settled more.


How has working at the airline impacted your own life?


Working for the airline has given me more confidence in my technical ability as well as my interpersonal savvy. I'm often put into situations where I have to find a person I've never met before and ask difficult questions, this has helped me learn how to work with different personalities.  Working at the company is also giving me a chance to grow and think about my career moving forward, opening avenues that I had not thought of previously. Personally, I have made a great bunch of friends at the airline, and I've gotten to see more of the North!


How has the work that you have done impacted your company/their customers?


The project I'm currently working on will help improve the user experience of the site and boost web sales. It will also improve the look and feel of the site, boosting the airline's profile. It is an intense project with a tight deadline and the success of the project will lead to the IT department gaining a good recognition within the company.


How does it feel knowing the work that you have done has impacted the world in a positive way?


I feel satisfied and accomplished knowing I have helped bring more clients to the airline and improved the user experience of the clients.


What excites you/scares you about the future of tech and why?


What scares me about the future of technology is security and privacy. Everyone is connected to the web and personal details can be vulnerable if a user has not set up their security properly.  This also excites me because I think there is a lot of potential for development in the Cyber Security sector. I am also excited to work with the next generation - those who do not know life without technology - as their development ideas and thought processes could lead to a big drive in technology development. 


Why did you decide to get into a tech role?

I have always been of a curious nature, wondering how things work and I find that working in tech allows me the freedom to investigate new things but also contribute and make improvements to people's quality of life.