Consultant Blog: "I've honestly learnt more in 7 weeks than I did within my 3 years at University and have applied those skills to a great cause"


Sparta Global gave me the skills to help others less fortunate than me


Shaq Reid- Robinson recently graduated from the Sparta Global Academy and is now a Business Analyst Consultant at PPL. During the Sparta Global Academy programme Shaq completed commercial project work with the Princes Trust, after being put through the rigorous training programme, which armed him with applicable skills to hit the ground running on a client project, and become a #TechWarrior. Read more about Shaq's story...


Which University course did you complete?


I did a Bachelors of Science degree in Digital Games Production at the University of Brighton.


Did you ever imagine that you would get into a tech career while you were at Uni?


I always knew I would be working with technology one way or another, I have always been fascinated with computers since I was a kid.


Why do you want to work in technology?


Technology in this day and age really makes the world turn, it's become so integrated with our lives that it's impossible to live without it. I want to work closely with technology to see how far we go with it and see what marvellous leaps we can make it with it.


How does it make you feel that the work you have already done in technology has benefitted the service helping young people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds?


During the Sparta Global Academy training I was given the opportunity to work on a live project with The Princes Trust to drive effeciencies and save them time and money.  It feels incredible to get that opportunity to help others and benefit them. It goes to show that it's not so much about what people can do for you, but what you can do for other people.


Tell us more about what you did during your commercial hands-on work with the Princes Trust as part of your Sparta Global programme...


What we were doing on the project was testing the functionality (black box testing) of their software application which took their current ways how they processed young people enquiries and make things more automated. I felt like my team and I had a very great impact on the project as we brought a different perspective on how to approach and identify defects. 


How did you find the transition from University to going into the working world?


What University really lacked was applying those new found skills into real world situations. They expected us to graduate and take on the world with no framework. I left University with no clue where to go or what I was ultimately good at, I wasn't sure where I fit into the world of technology. Going to University is still a great opportunity but I feel that more focus needs to be one's individual talents and skills rather than predicted grades. 


What were your initial thoughts when you first found out about Sparta Global - about their offering to graduates compared to now? 


To be honest, I was very sceptical about it. It seemed far too good to be true that they would take on anyone regardless of whether they had a tech/ict background or not and all within a 7-12 week timeframe. I thought it couldn't be that simple, but sure enough I saw that it was.


How did you find the Sparta training? 


The training was incredible from start to finish. I've honestly learnt more in 7-weeks than I have in 3-years of University. It has really wet my appetite for more knowledge in my field.


How has being a Spartan trainee impacted you as a person?


I feel like I have more a solid direction of where I'm going in my career in technology. I'm definitely a lot more confident than I was when I started.


What would your dream role be in the tech industry if you could do anything?


Test Manager/Lead or Project Manager for any gaming software related or music software related company.  I am now working as a Consultant for Sparta Global for thieir client PPL so working within the music industry is obviously a massive step in the right direction for me. I feel lucky to have been able to reach this point in my career in such a short amount of time. 


What is your favourite music track to work to?


Being a Hip Hop fanatic, I could list many but I'll name three tracks:

Pete Rock - Play Dis Only At Night

Cannibal Ox - Iron Galaxy

De La Soul - Stakes is High