Graduating soon? How to bridge the gap between education and employment


You have grafted for three years, finally handed in your dissertation and completed your last exam. University life has ended and you are excited to see what follows. It’s time to embark on the journey of seeking employment as a fresh graduate…


You might have an idea of what career you want to pursue - or you might not - but you are trying your best to get a foot in the door and secure your first graduate role. After sending your CV to hundreds of companies and going to multiple interviews, you may notice something. Most companies are looking for graduates with commercial experience for even entry level roles, making it difficult to launch your career in spite of your potential.

Does this sound familar? This is a common problem in our society and thousands of graduates are in a similar position. At Sparta Global we aim to bridge the gap between university and employment so well-rounded graduates have a smoother transition to the world of work. We aim to assist our clients in a similar way, helping them to on-board hardworking and ambitious graduates that have the necessary skills to deliver their IT and business projects.

If you have finished university and want to get into Software Development, DevOps, Automation Testing, Manual Testing, Business Analysis or Project Management, you do not need experience to apply for training at our academies. We provide 8 to 14 weeks of intensive tech training, where graduates are shaped into future leaders and eased into a role with our client partners. After completing training, our Spartan graduates can hit the ground running and add value to a multitude of organisations. Furthermore, Spartans are provided with continuous personal development and support to advance their career throughout our two year graduate scheme.

So what do we look for in candidates if not industry experience? We look for high-calibre graduates with the right attitude and strong work ethic that we can nurture for a successful career in the future.

You do not have to have studied a particular degree to apply. We employ graduates from a diverse university background including Computer Science, Engineering, Maths, Business Management, Accounting, Economics, Geology, Law and more. What you need to show is the potential to be successful in the career you are interested in and prove you have suitable skills by giving relevant examples. Good interpersonal, team work and presentation skills are the most employable qualities we are looking for in our consultants. Consultants could be working on a myriad of projects for clients and would have to be proactive, understand work etiquette, solve problems, communicate effectively and adapt to different environments. Spartans would have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of projects and companies including developing an automation framework, testing an app and improving business processes to increase productivity on a client site. Spartans will then be able to add value and make a difference to clients within financial services, law, telecommunications, retail, housing and more.


So if you’re looking to kick-start your future and bridge the gap between university and employment - launch your career as a Spartan consultant! Join our progressive two year programme for expert training and work as an IT or Business consultant on a variety of projects with clients in different sectors. Starting soon, apply for our Technical or Business Consultancy Graduate Scheme.

By Thu-Ha Hong, Talent Co-ordinator at Sparta Global