How digital is embracing diverse talent


By Gaia Caruso, Head of ED&I

Our #ComeBackStronger campaign is focussed on giving graduates and emerging talent access to employability support and advice that will help them positively progress their careers following Covid 19. Young people, especially those from minority backgrounds, have disproportionally been affected by the Covid employability crisis but digital knowledge and training has the potential to help address this disparity.


At Sparta Global, we couldn’t agree more. This is why we are proud to be an equal opportunities technology training provider and employer. Every applicant is assessed on their passion and training suitability, not their experience, educational or socio-economic background. But how is the digital industry embracing diversity and why should emerging talent be excited by the opportunities available in technology today?


  1. Digital skills are the key to accessing jobs

In an economy where possessing digital skills is the key to accessing jobs, the difference between “have” and “have not”, becomes the difference between “can” and “cannot”.

Investing in your technical skills means opening new doors to enter the digital economy. It means unlocking personal potential, opportunity and choice. Digitally savvy candidates are in high demand across all industries – from capital markets to professional services, media, retail and the public sector – with skills like coding, data analysis, testing and artificial intelligence consistently sought after by hiring managers.


  1. More jobs everywhere

Until recently, most people who wanted a job in technology knew there were hot spots that offered the best opportunities. London, Manchester or as far afield as Silicon Valley, tech hubs like these were seen as the places to be to work in tech and living elsewhere meant the jobs were fewer. But what if you couldn’t afford to live in a big city where rent is unreasonably high? What if you couldn’t afford to live elsewhere and travel to work in these cities? As difficult as 2020 was for most, our new work-from-home normal may be a positive agent of change in an unexpected area: improving diversity in the technology industry. The shift to working from home – that almost every business is enabling to some degree – will enable those from low-income backgrounds and disadvantaged areas to access opportunities in what have previously been exclusive locations. 


  1. You can make an impact on society

At the same time, the diversification of technology careers across industries offers opportunities for emerging talent from non-traditional backgrounds to add value to the digital ecosystem. Mothers returning to work, career changers, school leavers and neurodivergent individuals are among those who can bring novel, unique perspectives to STEM jobs, hence accelerating the pace of innovation within the digital space. Accessibility is key when it comes to innovation and producing new products and services, with diverse teams supporting the creation of these, these individuals have the power to ensure different people’s needs are catered for.  


With a community made up of people from all different walks of life, at Sparta Global we understand the importance of inclusivity and the value of diversity. If you are interested in pursuing a career in tech but remain nervous about finding your space and being valued due to your age, gender, ethnicity or socio-economic background – get in touch with our talent team today and we can offer the additional support you need [].

Diversity is in our DNA – we can help.