“I am currently 11 weeks into my SDET training course and I am loving every minute of it!”


Searching graduate job boards after university, Toweka Malcolm discovered the opportunity to kickstart a career in tech with Sparta Global. Learning about the different roles on offer to Spartan graduates, Toweka enrolled in our SDET course and is now 11 weeks into Academy training for his first tech role…


How did you first come across Sparta Global?

After studying Biomedical Sciences and finishing my degree at Leeds Beckett University, I came across Sparta Global on CW Jobs – a leading IT job board.


After speaking to Thu-Ha (Hong, Talent Coordinator at Sparta Global), how did Sparta help you learn more about your career choices in tech?

After posting on the job board and speaking to Sparta, I learned more about the job opportunities in tech. I only knew about testing roles in IT – this was the career my mum had chosen! - but I had completely overlooked software development and actual coding. When Thu mentioned these to me it opened my eyes to the many possible career choices.


How was your experience working with the talent team and going through our recruitment process?

The recruitment process was very thorough - Sparta present themselves with many opportunities to discover whether a candidate is truly right for a place at the Academy. ­­I had an initial phone interview and then also attended the Sparta assessment day.

Working with the talent team, especially Beth (Nicholls, Senior Talent Scout) was incredibly helpful. I could ask her anything at any time and she would quickly quell any apprehension I had of joining the Academy.


How are you finding the Academy training so far?

I am currently 11 weeks into my SDET training course and I am loving every minute of it! The training schedule is well planned - striking the right balance between being taught and actively learning ourselves.

It’s important to point out the course is not for the faint hearted, it’s intense from start to finish. Nine to five days and homework every night, but if you really apply yourself - you will reap the rewards of your hard work in no time. I have even secured a job already, so if there are any lingering doubts about the capability of Sparta to find candidates a job straight away - fear not!


What advice would you give to current university students who are looking for their first role in the tech industry?

Unless you have glided through your university course with a First-Class degree and plenty of extra-curricular activities, getting straight into a graduate scheme at one of the top tech companies is just not plausible. I recommend you take a step back and investigate alternative routes into the tech industry. Programmes like Sparta offer grads a way to upskill themselves and stand out to employers in a much better way.


Would you recommend Sparta Global to other graduates?

Yes - I would 100% recommend Sparta to other graduates! It doesn’t matter which educational sector you come from, Sparta has proven it has the right formula for giving recent graduates a foothold in a highly competitive industry.