James Greenhalgh named Sparta Global Employee of the Year


Approaching his fifth year with Sparta Global’s sales team, James Greenhalgh has been named Employee of the Year and Salesperson of the Year for 2019. We caught up with James to find out more about his career, aspirations and what he hopes Sparta Global will accomplish in the next year…


Congratulations! What does it mean to be named Sparta Global Employee and Salesperson of the Year?

It feels fantastic to have won both awards! 2018/19 felt like the tipping point after many years of hard work. To compete with the Senior Account Managers for the Salesperson of the Year and be recognised as Employee of the Year - when there is so much talent and so many brilliant and hard-working colleagues in the business - is an incredible achievement.


What’s your secret?

It comes down to hard work, providing top service to clients and dedicating time to build as much knowledge and IP as possible in the industry I provide services to. I am also lucky to be surrounded by amazing teams, who make my job much easier – trainers, talent team, L&D, relationship managers, Ops, HR and finance.


Tell us a little about your career before Sparta Global

After moving to London in 2015, I was keen to join an organisation with a start-up feel and a niche offering focused on growth and service. I had previous experience working in a business development capacity for a technology solutions organisation on the South Coast. In my short time in this role, I developed an interest in the fast-paced IT sector and enjoyed the dynamic, exciting and varied role of sales – where I could meet new people, build relationships and make new connections across the UK.


What inspired you to work with Sparta Global?

Sparta Global was at a key turning point when I joined in November 2015. The business was looking for investment and shifting away from traditional IT recruitment to graduate training, consultancy and managed services. I joined a small business development and account management operation and from day one I was given the responsibility to support senior members of the team. My ideas were listened to and often actioned. I was excited to be part of an organisation that - through its graduate model - was operating in an exclusive part of the digital and technology services sector. 


When our head office moved to London Wall this year, what did this mean for you?

The new London Wall office is a fantastic working environment and a statement of our growth, position in the market and ambition. To be part of the journey from when Sparta Global was a small graduate training operation in Richmond, to opening a new space in the City in less than four years is incredible! We have doubled capacity in our head office and grown our midlands operations, hosted between four and five businesses a week for office tours and improved interaction with the training and interviews for trainees. It has been a huge positive change to be close to the training and to discuss projects that are coming up with my clients, with the trainees.


What is different about working at Sparta Global?

In just nine months I was promoted to Account Manager and given the autonomy to lead a large part of our work in the Government sector. Many organisations do not provide this accelerated progression and opportunity to their staff. I have been fortunate enough to build Government into our second largest sector and have been given the time to learn about the unique way in which it procures services and works with suppliers.


What do you enjoy most about working at Sparta Global?

The ability to travel around the UK, spend time with the Spartans, clients, and meet new Government departments and agencies. My work ranges from writing bids, delivering presentations, coordinating events, holding meetings, reviews and general client engagement activities. It is a challenging but rewarding role!


What are your goals for the next year?                                                         I would like to grow Government to be our largest sector in the next 12 months and work towards promotion to Senior Account Manager. 


What advice would you give to other young people looking to enter a sales job in the city?

Whether in the City or nationally – often when working in sales it is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to develop relationships with clients and fully understand the sector you are working in. Try and specialise by providing services to a specific industry or region – identify the challenges and build knowledge. Do the basics by being responsive, offering value and acting in the interest of the customer.


Where do you hope to see Sparta Global in a year’s time?

Sparta is going from strength to strength. When I joined in late 2015, we had around 35 graduate consultants placed across the UK. Our target in 2019/20 is to train 500 graduates in the UK, which would be a massive achievement! In the next year I am confident we can reach this. In the next 3-5 years, I believe Sparta Global can become the largest UK graduate employer for technology, business and digital skills.