January Spartan of the Month: Khizer Iqbal


Khizer is joint Spartan of the month, sharing the accolade with Rebecca Chaukria.

Khizer Iqbal joined Sparta Global to further his learning and build upon his Mathematical skills for a career in tech. After enjoying his time on the Data stream in our Birmingham Academy, Khizer accepted his first role in healthcare. Entering the industry at an exceptional time in 2020, Khizer now works closely with Senior Development Analysts to monitor Covid workforces and vaccine programmes for the benefit of millions.


Congratulations for being named Spartan of the Month for January 2021!

Given the high caliber of talent in the Spartan community - who I’m sure are all doing great work on client sites - I think it’s definitely something to appreciate and be proud of. It’s a nice reminder to keep on working hard and developing skills to further my abilities.


Can you tell us a bit more about how your journey with Sparta Global began?

I studied a Mathematics degree and this is why I was interested in joining the Sparta Global programme – I would gain technical skills and experience that would boost my job prospects for the future. I joined the Birmingham Academy’s Data Analyst stream in September 2019 after coming across the opportunity online.


How do you think the Academy training has influenced your current role?

The Academy training was fun, challenging and hugely beneficial. It has provided me with a solid technical foundation and the confidence to adopt new programs and applications. The training has been particularly useful since the company I work for has started using a new program (produced by Palantir) that I didn't have previous experience of and I was able to quickly pick this up. 


You are currently working as a Principal Development Analyst for a public health organisation, can you tell us a bit more about your role?  

I have been working in healthcare across the Covid pandemic. This means my day to day role has largely meant supporting the Senior Development Analyst in producing reports monitoring the COVID workforce and vaccine supply across the Midlands region, ad-hoc analysis and daily sitrep reports for Directors.


How have you found your first tech role?

It’s been great so far as it’s allowed me to put what I learned during training into action and see how such skills are used at an industrial level. The power of coding has also allowed me to use programs such as Python to automate otherwise mundane processes, which has been especially satisfying.


I enjoy the fact that in technology there is always something new to learn, a new opportunity to be creative and come up with efficient solutions. I have also been able to see the benefits of working in an Agile framework: with more user engagement, adopting various roles as required and working in sprints etc.


Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates and if so – why?

Sparta Global’s training gives you a strong footing in industry and provides you with relevant skills that are required for the modern-day working environment. With patience, willingness and determination (and a bit of good fortune) you can go on to achieve a lot!