Jonathan Gray: building a career with Sparta


After obtaining a degree in Mathematics and Astronomy from the University of Sheffield, Jonathan Gray worked in a number of jobs and locations – even travelling to Asia to teach while he considered his career options. Struggling to decide what to do, one of his friends recommended joining Sparta Global - and he hasn’t looked back since!

How did you first come across Sparta Global?

A friend of mine recommended joining Sparta Global when I was looking for a work opportunity that would help me build a career. After talking with people that already worked in the tech field, I saw myself fitting in well in the industry and decided to investigate Sparta Global a little more by attending a Sparta Day.

How did you know Sparta Global was the right path for you?

At first I wasn’t sure they were the right path – but I knew it was worth taking the chance! The idea of undergoing extensive training for a well-supported assignment was ideal for entering a completely new field, and I thought it would give me a great foundation of experience and skills to be able to take whatever path I might decide on in the future.

How did you find your training at the Academy?

It was great having such a wonderful group of people around me – supporting each other as trainees who are all in the same position. Having that team spirit to get through whatever challenges we faced helped us on the intensive course, and I was lucky enough to also work alongside some of them on client assignment.

How did our training help prepare you for work?

The first few days of work in a new environment can be overwhelming, especially in an entirely new role. There were so many acronyms and abbreviations for everything, but I found that so long as I focused on the things I was using, the knowledge I'd picked up at the Academy allowed me to be a fully productive member of the team much faster than expected. 

How have you found your first tech role?

The Sparta Global client I was assigned to has been perfect. Although it was not a company I imagined myself working for, my manager on-site has been really supportive and friendly, and I've felt comfortable in every team I've been in. There are some stressful days, but everyone helps each other out and it’s a really great atmosphere. The high pace of this role is what I was hoping for, and I'm glad to be able to grow constantly too!

Are you enjoying working in the technology industry?

Yes! I enjoy the pace and the nature of the work and the fact there is always more to learn. Everyone I work with has their own ideas and ways of solving problems - there's no right answer, so everyone is listened to.