June Spartan of the Month: Harry Morton-Smith


Despite not having any pre-existing knowledge in tech and studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol, Harry Morton-Smith joined Sparta Global’s Data stream with an aim to kickstart his career in the tech industry. Upon completion of his training, Harry was assigned to work with our client Deloitte as a Quality and Assurance Tester. One year on, he reflects on his journey.  



Congratulations for being named joint Spartan of the Month alongside your colleague Matthew, how does it feel?

It’s been really great to be named Spartan of the Month – it’s nice to get recognition for the work I’ve been doing and the role I am now playing at Deloitte.


How did you know Sparta Global was the right path for you when you were seeking a role?

I came across Sparta Global on a job site after searching for graduate opportunities. The training and role immediately appeared different to the other jobs I had been looking at. However, I really made the decision to join Sparta Global after attending the assessment day - it was a lot more informal in comparison to other days I had attended. After a friendly chat/interview over coffee with members of the talent team, I knew Sparta Global would be a good fit for me and offered the perfect opportunity.


It has now been just over a year since I completed my training in London, joining one of the first Data classes.


How has your training helped prepare you for work?

The Academy training was intense and certainly had a steep learning curve. There was a lot of work to do - both in the classroom and homework/preparation to do each evening - but the trainers were right in what they told us! You definitely get out what you put into it. I enjoyed my training and felt like I learned an awful lot. 


The training gave me a great base in the fundamental knowledge I needed to get started when I joined Deloitte. Since then I have been able to upskill in the areas that I have found most useful in the workplace and built on the training I received.


Would you recommend Sparta Global to other graduates and if so – why? 

Definitely! While the training was certainly challenging, Sparta Global has given me an amazing opportunity to work in technology with one of its incredibly successful clients – and all without having an prior knowledge or experience of working in technology.