June Spartan of the Month: Matthew Murphy


After completing a Computing degree, Matthew Murphy was looking for an early careers opportunity that would enable him to acquire key technical skills and build on his practical knowledge. After completing a programme at our Birmingham Academy, Matthew went on to join our client Deloitte and take on an important data management role for a global ecommerce site.


Congratulations for being named Spartan of the Month for June alongside your colleague Harry! How does it feel to be recognised?

It felt great to be recognised for my hard work by Sparta Global and I’m equally glad that Deloitte is happy with my work too! I hope to keep learning and refine my skills, which should hopefully allow me to keep adding value to a great company.


Why did you decide to join Sparta Global?

I studied Computer Systems Engineering (BEng) at the University of Birmingham. I felt my experience there provided me with knowledge across a variety of subjects which related to Engineering and Computing (i.e. programming, Mathematics, Physics etc.) but it hadn’t provided me with the technical skills I needed to truly kickstart a career in technology.


I came across an advert online for Sparta Global and from there I booked to attend an assessment day. I really liked Sparta Global’s training curriculum and its focus on developing technical skills - it suited the experience I wanted to gain. I also liked that the model allowed me to focus on the development of both technical and soft skills - while Sparta Global arranged practical project assignments for me.


Shortly after, I was offered a position in the Academy!


Tell us a little bit about your Academy and training experience

I did my training at the Birmingham Academy, where I completed the SDET course. I started in April 2019 and has graduated by the start of July 2019.


I really enjoyed my training experience. There was so much variety in the curriculum - touching on lots of key areas that helped me to feel confident I was prepared for the bulk of projects I could have been assigned to.  Our trainer and the wider team were great too. I’m very glad that I decided to do my training in the Midlands!


How did your training prepare you for when you were assigned to work at Deloitte?

The training translated directly into my responsibilities at Deloitte. Specifically, the lessons around working in Agile environments and the knowledge I gained from my ISTQB qualification. I’ve put some of the technical training to really good use, such as the training for API testing and very recently the knowledge I have surrounding SQL. However, the biggest way my Sparta Global training prepared me was in the confidence it gave me to believe I was capable of picking up technical skills at a quick pace.  I passed the training course and now I know I can learn any new skills if I commit to it.


What does an average day at Deloitte look like? 

I work within Quality and Test Engineering at Deloitte UK, but I’ve been largely working as an Automation Tester on a project for a global eCommerce site for the past year. Within this I’ve been helping to deliver a new Identity and Access Management platform which is currently being rolled out to their 20 million users worldwide.


My day to day role varies depending on the stage my project is up to. However, for the bulk of my time on this current project my key role has been to create automated tests for any functionality or pieces of work that my team members were delivering, and to manually test any pieces of work which weren’t possible to automate.


Towards the end of the project my role changed dramatically, and I was in charge of managing the testing of the data migration of the 20 or so million user accounts.  Since this task was completed and we started to move through the various testing environments, I’ve primarily been involved in the assessment of defects and completing root cause analysis to ensure all defects are understood and are assigned to the correct team members.


How have you found your first tech role?

I’ve really enjoyed it! It’s been fast paced and I’ve had to learn a lot, but it’s been an incredible experience throughout. I’ve been able to learn so much about many different technologies and areas which I’m sure will be very valuable in future projects.


I think that’s what I enjoy most - there is always something new to learn.  There is always a new way to apply existing knowledge, or a new language or framework to pick up. Not to mention, the people I’ve worked with have always been incredibly supportive which has made it a great industry to work and grow in.


Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates?

Yes, I definitely would! I think a lot of companies ask graduates to have an A-Z of skills without offering to help them improve or gain any they do not have.  Sparta offer to give you all the skills you need, and then give you the support needed to get you set up in the industry. It’s been a great experience, and I’m incredibly grateful to Sparta for all the help they’ve given me.