Kickstarting a career in data analysis without experience or connections


By Kieran Badesha 


I have always had a passion for data analysis. Data can help change the way you view things, interpret information, and solve problems, so when I was offered an opportunity to train to become a Data Engineer with Sparta Global, I jumped at it. 

There was something else about Sparta that made me comfortable about taking a role with them, and that was the transparency of their message around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. When I was applying, I saw that they foster great ethnic inclusion within the company and that they are trying really hard to fix the gender pay gap within technology. 

As someone who has two sisters and was bought up by a single mother, I am a big advocate for diversity and equal pay in the workplace, and as an Indian British professional, I appreciate Sparta’s inclusive culture around ethnic diversity. It makes me feel like I belong here.  

Sparta has given me the chance to enter the tech industry based on my knowledge and experience, not my industry network. I was not discriminated against based on what I have or have not achieved thus far in my career. They have offered me a way of getting my foot in the door in tech, and the opportunity to gain valuable and varied experience in data analysis.  

This opportunity means a lot to me, as it gives me a platform through which to reach out to other young people who may not have influential industry contacts. I feel passionate about working with young people who feel that they have no way of accessing the tech sector to help them launch successful careers in data analysis, just as Sparta has done with me. 

Through my experience, I want to help challenge the wide-spread mentality that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, and promote a more inclusive vision that values people for their talent and abilities, not for who they know or for their influential network.  

I believe the latter approach would ultimately foster more diversity within the industry. Diversity of backgrounds and experiences is a powerful business asset, and I strongly believe that the growing momentum around social mobility and ED&I in tech will lead to new perspectives, better problem-solving, and greater innovation.