March Spartan of the Month: Elisha Harmison


After graduating, Elisha Harmison knew she wanted to forge a career in software development. However, she soon realised that many employers expected graduate hires to still have significant work experience before they would be considered. Since coming across Sparta Global while looking for training opportunities, Elisha has gained almost two years of technical on-site experience with our client partners – working at the Ministry of Justice and receiving exemplary  feedback from her line managers at Three, before starting a new role earlier this month…



Congratulations for being named our March Spartan of the Month! 

It’s a massive compliment to know your work and efforts have been noticed! In such a big industry you can get lost in your work and feel like what you’re doing isn’t enough, but it’s so important to make people realise every piece of work they start/complete is important and acknowledged. 

I think it’s very important for everyone to know and feel as if they are a valued team member and being named Spartan of the month has pushed my self-confidence a lot!


How did you first come across Sparta Global? 

I studied Digital Media Technology at Nottingham Trent University and started looking at roles in the last few months of University. I knew I wanted to get into software development so I looked at the opportunities available and the skills I would need.


When I came across Sparta Global it stuck out as a perfect opportunity for me to gain experience in technology and widen my knowledge of the different areas of testing too. The idea of being able to expand my knowledge and gain two years of on-site experience with a range of clients was an amazing opportunity - especially for someone straight out of University. I applied and within two weeks of graduating I was invited to a Sparta Day!


Tell us a little bit about your time training at the Academy? 

I joined Sparta Global’s SDET course in late August 2018, with my training taking place at the Birmingham Academy.


My training was very inclusive. While I was the only female within my particular training group, my tutor and classmates made me feel comfortable at all times. The training content was delivered in depth and help was always easily accessible. My training even helped me realise other areas of interest within tech that I hadn’t previously considered. 


I was assigned to my first role at the Ministry of Justice as soon as I finished my course in November 2018, and I’ve gone on to work with two other organisations. Having experience with different clients has allowed me to work on projects/areas that I previously wouldn’t have considered, and I know it will really help me prepare for roles in the future.  


How do you think your training at Sparta Global has helped you in the workplace?

The training helped me understand all aspects of an SDET role and what may be required whilst on client site. But Sparta not only focuses on technical training, your trainers also work on your confidence and presentation skills. We were encouraged to work in groups for some projects and build and design our own ideas for others – this really helped me to feel more comfortable and confident working in different situations.  When I walked into a work environment where I knew no one, this gave me the ability to pick up projects quickly. 


Tell us a little but more about your assignments with our clients. 

My first role was with the Ministry of Justice. It was my first experience of working within testing – specifically manual testing but with the opportunity to work on accessibility and automation testing too. I then went to work as a Site Builder for Three Mobile Group on a short project, before joining my current client – a large transport organisation.


The opportunity to work with different clients - teamed with meeting so many people who were full of support and encouragement - has really helped me to appreciate my own capabilities and pushed me to be successful in every role I take. 


I have only been working in my new assignment for a few weeks, but - while I am still learning how things work - I’m already working on a new project based around the seat reservation system on board trains. I’m currently reading through test scopes, breaking them down and making them into test scripts. These are then used by QAs to carry out manual testing. As time progresses, I will also be working on creating automation tests for the project.


Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates?

Sparta Global provides a great opportunity to expand your technical knowledge and experience. There are a lot of opportunities within Sparta Global’s training and working relationships that will help you to grow.

After graduating, I noticed a lot of businesses have expectations around practical work experience that are unrealistic for recent graduates. Sparta Global offers its Spartans support and growth within a range of technical areas, whilst also providing two years onsite experience which inevitably pushes your skills and improves your confidence. It’s a great place to find your feet, to practice what you know and to find more opportunities to explore!