March Spartan of the Month: Jack Morton


With a clear goal to find a post-graduate position in Data Analysis, Jack Morton sought additional technical training to support his previous experience. Since completing his training, Jack has secured his first technology role with a multinational organisation where he has received glowing feedback from his line manager and key stakeholders. Read his story below…


Congratulations for being named Spartan of the Month!

I feel very grateful to be named Spartan of the month and thankful to all those that have helped me along my journey as a Spartan. There are many colleagues at Sparta Global and the client I am assigned to who have offered support and advice from the first week of the Academy to today.


Why did you decide to apply for Sparta Global?

I studied (Bsc) Politics and Economics at the University of Southampton, but as a graduate I was looking to explore positions in Data Analysis. I found out about Sparta Global after looking online for positions and was curious about the training on offer.

After hearing more, I joined the Academy in September 2019 and began their data course.


How did you know Sparta Global was the right path for you to take into tech?

Sparta Global stood out from other opportunities as it offered a clear route to the career I wanted. There were exciting prospects from the impressive list of clients Spartans had worked with and the training was perfect for my situation as someone who had some experience but needed more in-depth technical knowledge around Data Analysis.


How did you find your training at the Academy?

Training at the Academy was full on - but thoroughly enjoyable! I learnt about a large variety of subjects and all to a high level. The atmosphere at the Academy was always fun and by the time of my graduation, I had made many friends.


You are currently working as a Planning Analyst at an energy company. How do you think your training at Sparta Global help prepare you for work?

The most prominent impact of the training on my current work was the introduction to visualisation software in the form of Tableau. I use similar software extensively in my current role and getting to present at the Academy using this tool was vital for my learning.


Tell us a little bit about your day-to-day role.

I produce and maintain reports in Power BI for a Global Function IT community. These reports monitor key metrics and involve me coordinating with colleagues across the globe on matters such as data quality and providing analysis on the data shown in the visualisations.


And how are you finding working in tech?

Being in the tech industry is extremely exciting. Getting to participate in training firsthand on new technologies and innovations in the data space has been one of the best aspects.

My first tech role has also been incredibly rewarding and has enabled me to greatly expand on the knowledge I built within the Sparta Global Academy. Despite working in a fast-moving, large multinational company, I have still been afforded space to grow and develop my role in both my immediate and wider teams.


Would you recommend Sparta Global to other graduates and why?

I would absolutely recommend Sparta Global to other graduates and emerging talent. The ability Sparta Global has to widen your career opportunities, mixed with the high level of training on offer, will benefit anyone looking to start a career in tech. Sparta Global provided a goal of achieving a career in tech and this gave me a clear focus for my efforts and helped me ensure I would get out exactly what I put into the experience and more.