May Spartan of the Month: Daniel Curtis


Despite studying an IT-related degree, Daniel Curtis found graduate job opportunities still required significant experience. After joining Sparta Global’s London Academy and joining our fast-paced Java course, Daniel was able to supplement his degree with contemporary and practical Software Development skills to kickstart his career in technology.


How did you first come across Sparta Global? 

I studied Mathematics with Computer Science at the University of Southampton and when looking for jobs after graduating, I found most required prior experience working with - or knowledge of - a variety of technologies that weren’t covered at university.


I came across Sparta Global while searching online and saw they offered training in contemporary and practical Software Development. Their curriculum covered topics more related to working in technology than my University degree did, but also offered assignments within the industry. It seemed like an excellent opportunity!


Tell us a little bit about your training at the Academy.

I completed my Sparta Global training in London in Java Development, starting in September 2019, and graduated three months later.


The training programme at the Academy was short, but included a lot – it taught me about Java in more detail than what I had learned during my time at university! Despite the large amount of content that was covered, I never felt like it was too much work to do or remember because of how effective the trainer’s methods were, and how supportive all the staff and other Spartans remained throughout.


Where we you assigned following your training?

I am now working as a Software Developer in a public sector role based in Plymouth.


To date, most of the work I have done in my role has been around extending an existing application to process more forms. It has involved a lot of reading, understanding existing code before starting edits. A design document is then created, detailing specifically what changes need to be made. Once these changes have been carried out, I work with a tester to ensure the code is thoroughly tested. Throughout this process I also attend agile meetings and daily scrums to ensure every team member is aware of the progress being made, the refinements and our plan for future work.



How do you think your training at Sparta Global has helped you in the workplace?

Not only did the Academy provide me with training in Java, SQL and Git, which have all proven to be very important in my role, but it also helped my build business acumen. These business skills have aided my ability to communicate effectively within the company I work for and understand how projects are structured and carried out.


How are you finding your first tech role and working in the industry?


I am really enjoying my new role. It has given me an opportunity to develop and apply my skills in programming, teamwork and organisation and I am learning and developing a lot from working in a project environment.

Working in technology provides me with daily opportunities to solve problems and follow the solutions through to see the result. Not to mention, I get to experience a good mixture of working as part of a team independently.



How did it feel to be named Spartan of the month?

I had only been working on-site for a couple of months before going into lockdown, so it was very nice to be recognised by my team leader as having progressed and settled in well!



Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates and if so – why?

Yes, I definitely would! Sparta Global helps people move into an industry which is difficult to get into – regardless of whether you have experience or not. On top of that, Sparta provides training that prepares you well for your first job and continues to offer support even after you are assigned to a client.