#Mindthegap: the UK’s digital skills gap


The UK is facing an ever-widening digital skills gap. There is now a shortfall of 40,000 people with the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills required by the growing UK digital community.


What is the digital skills gap?

When there is a lack of workers that are trained and prepared for particular problems, economies suffer. A UK government study stated the digital skills gap as a “major risk to business growth, innovation and broader societal development.”

Main findings from the report suggest the UK is not just falling behind – but missing opportunities. According to a 2016 House of Commons study, the UK’s digital economy contributes £118 billion and employs 1.3 million people, but a skills shortage has the potential to significantly threaten its dominance in IT.


Back to the beginning

In 2017, just 7,600 students took computing at A-level in England – with less than ten per cent women. At university the story isn’t much better. Students studying technology or IT-related degrees are faced with outdated curriculums that cannot keep pace with industry changes. Take Agile - a key methodology in modern IT working environments, but not taught at university.

In the future it is hoped universities can diversify and expand their curriculum to better meet the current needs of the digital landscape, but graduates today are lacking the tools and knowledge to excel.


Future leader of tomorrow, today

University courses take years to complete and often do not effectively prepare students – but our Academy courses provide training that will shape future tech leaders in just 8-14 weeks. This intensive practical learning is needed to develop grads from entry-level trainees to mid-level team members that can hit the ground running in any professional environment.

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