My first week as an intern: Ayesha Begum


Earlier this month, Ayesha Begum joined Sparta Global for a marketing internship. Ayesha secured the opportunity through Career Ready - a social mobility foundation that providers post-16 students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with complete 360 degree preparation for the world of work, including one-to-one mentoring, skills masterclasses, and experiences of work. A partner of Career Ready and long-term supporter of their exceptional work for youth employability, Sparta Global jumped at the opportunity to welcome two interns for a four-week paid internship on-site. With one week done, we asked Ayesha - how has your fist week been?


Hi Ayesha - welcome to Sparta Global! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I proudly come from a Bangladeshi background, though I was born and raised in London. I would describe myself to be quite spontaneous, as I am open to trying new things and gaining new experiences.

I am currently in my first year of Sixth Form (just completed the year), studying Economics, Business, Psychology and EPQ. I plan to go to University, but I am still in the process of figuring out what exactly I would enjoy most studying! I have always been interested in businesses and how they function, especially how they market their goods and/or services - so this marketing internship has been a very intriguing opportunity for me!


How did you end up working at Sparta Global as an intern?

I became involved in this internship via the Career Ready programme. Career Ready was recommended to all students within my Sixth Form, giving us the chance to interview for a place in this amazing programme.

Thankfully, I acquired a place and have been able to experience great opportunities since (such as this internship at Sparta Global) and informative sessions on how to prepare myself for the world of work. Being part of the Career Ready programme also means receiving emails about work experience opportunities, which is how I was able to become an intern at Sparta Global. I had received an email about internship placements for the summer that could be allocated to students. Luckily, I got into Sparta as a marketing intern - which is exactly the sort of work experience that I was hoping for.


Were you nervous approaching your first day as an intern?

As this internship is my first ever work experience, it was definitely nerve-wracking knowing that I would be in a completely unfamiliar environment for 3 days a week (2 days working remotely). Though, my nervousness was lifted soon after my arrival at the workplace as the atmosphere was incredibly friendly and welcoming.


What do you hope to learn on your internship?

From this internship, I hope to gain experience on what it is like in the world of work so that I can be more prepared for my future career. I also want to improve my skills in confidence, communication and problem-solving - which are all essential to have within a workplace. Having 3 weeks left of this internship gives me the chance to continue developing my skills and understanding of the workplace.


Now you have started your internship, how has your first week been?

So far my internship experience has been great and insightful. Throughout the week, me and the other Career Ready intern placed at Sparta (Ilhan Mohamed) have been able to learn about all the functions within Sparta, giving us the opportunity to speak to the Human Resources team, Marketing team, Talent team, Engagement team (and more!) and understand what their role is within the business. We were also able to speak and ask questions to the CEO of Sparta too which was an experience that I never thought I would have. The first week has been an introduction week, so I will be working closely with my supervisor in the upcoming weeks to develop content and ideas for Sparta's next Equal Tech Report about Neurodiversity.


What have you learned so far?

In the short amount of time that I have been here, there has been much to learn. Speaking to many people within the workplace has helped me work towards fulfilling my personal goal of speaking with confidence and communicating well with people. I have noticed a significant difference in the way I speak to people in terms of the nervousness that comes with having a conversation with someone new. I now tend to feel less nervous when meeting new people in the workplace and I am able to ask questions more confidently than I was able to at the start of the internship. I have also learnt about Sparta Global as a whole i.e., what they do, their goals, the functions within the business, the equal tech report, the rate of growth of their business etc. Learning about Sparta has helped me fulfil my goal of understanding the reality of the world of work and has helped me remove any assumptions I have had about what working with a business would be like.


Would you encourage other people to do internships?

Definitely! Doing an internship is incredibly worthwhile as it provides you with an experience that will help you prepare for your future career. You learn a lot from your experiences in the same way you make mistakes and learn from them too. Essentially, doing an internship provides you with a safe place to learn and make mistakes so that you can be ready to go for whatever career you decide to pursue in the future. It also allows you to network with people you meet which can be greatly useful in the future if you need a good reference or want to work with them. Work-related things aside, it is generally an enjoyable experience and enables you to be creative and independent too. 

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