My Sparta experience: Lee Hasselgren


Hi Lee! You are currently working for a global software client of Sparta Global, but you’re a little different to our usual Spartan candidate as you are based in Sweden, and completed our training online – with classes being streamed from the UK.


Can you tell us, how did you come to kickstart a career with Sparta Global?

When I found the job opportunity at Sparta Global, I immediately thought it would be a perfect fit for me to start my career after university – as I had just finished a Master’s in business development & internationalisation at The Umea School of Business, Economics & Statistics.


As I had more contact with Sparta Global, I felt that they were a company who really cared about me as an individual and my career. They wanted me to succeed. The atmosphere was very helpful and supportive, but I also found that the people at Sparta Global are very ambitious and have a driven culture which was 100 % in line with who I am too.


So tell us more about the training set-up? You were training during the pandemic…

Yes, I trained with Sparta Global entirely remotely! I am based in Sweden, but all training activities were based on Sparta in the UK.


My course was specific to a technical Business Analyst as I was hired for a predetermined role at a specific company when joining Sparta. The training was fun, fast-paced and was catered to the role I was about to take on. My trainer was really dedicated and knowledgeable and made the training period interesting and fun - even when it became more difficult. The training material was very useful for the job but also made for good skills to have in general and for my future career too. I think HOW we got to learn was also effective and enjoyable as we continuously worked on tasks every day, both in groups and individually.


Despite having to learn remotely, you completed the training with flying colours! You are now working in your first technology role for a global software company and working on global projects too. What does a typical day look like in your role?  

I am a junior consultant so I have continued to spend a lot of time training on-site and getting to understand the ERP systems in the company. We have also started shadowing our mentors in the day-to-day tasks we will be doing in the near future. More specifically for me, I’ve been training in two workstream - fixed assets and MAS (management application services) - where it is all about understanding the different clients’ needs and helping them configure their system/services accordingly. The great thing is that we get to access training across several different areas of the business that we find interesting, and what we think will be useful for us in the future.


Are you enjoying your work?

I’m enjoying working in the tech industry as there is something new happening all the time! It is also fun to learn what is going on behind the scenes in the system and how things work, rather than just using the product. 


Would you recommend Sparta to other people looking to kickstart a tech career?

I would absolutely recommend Sparta to other graduates. Their model provides you with a stronger footing to go into your professional life and it’s a great steppingstone to begin your career. It is also easier for you as a new graduate to gain a job you would like, as you ordinarily don’t have connections and access to networking opportunities when you just finish your studies. You also get to be a part of a big global community that is there to support you when you want and need it!