My Sparta story: Michael Mosson


From Scotland to Spartan. Michael Mosson has been part of our community for three years and has experienced assignments with multiple clients across a number of different locations - embracing the flexibility and variety that comes with working in technology. Now a Senior Spartan, we asked Michael to tell us about the decision to move from Scotland, what it’s like working in tech and how the Academy has helped him establish a successful early career.


After graduating from the University of the West of Scotland, my whole world was interviews and job applications. I think this is an experience that most students know!

“More than a thousand people have applied for this job”, one interviewer from a company in Scotland said. While, “We are looking for someone with four years' experience with that API”, said another. It was an entry position job, but the requirements to get the job were extremely challenging to obtain in your early career. The job market in Scotland just seemed saturated with students who didn’t really know how to get ahead. I quickly realised that if I was to have any chance of working within the technology industry, I would need to look further afield. This is when I came across an application for Sparta Global.

The first interaction I had with Sparta Global was a phone call from one of the people on the talent team. I immediately saw that they weren’t expecting me to have unrealistic skills or experience, because the training was provided. I didn’t need to have multiple years' experience in the industry - just to get a graduate job.  I took the interview in Leeds and I got the job. 

I knew it was a risk moving so far from home, but in my mind I knew that I needed to move to where the work was. I took the risk, and what a great adventure it has been. 

The training in Leeds (at a time when Sparta Global had a pop-up Academy there) was great. It was set up in a working/learning environment unlike anything I had experienced at University. The trainers were great and really approachable too. They taught us lots of different things, from presentation skills to stakeholder management.  

The time flew by so quickly and before I knew it, it was the night before my first client assignment – with a large transportation company. I was a bit nervous and when I lay in bed, I just thought about how the next day was to be my first time working in a professional setting. When I arrived onsite, I was a bit more nervous but as I settled in, I realised that I had been well prepared through the training and that it was not bad at all! Eventually I realised that working in technology environment was something I could thrive in. 

Over the course of the next three years I moved about quite a bit! After a year and a half with the same transport comapny in both Surrey and Stockton-On-Tees, I moved to Birmingham to work for a legal authority. I then worked with a big consultancy in Southampton and had the opportunity to return (again) to the transportation company I started out in.

At the Academy I met lots of good people and made great friends who I still keep in touch with today. I am thankful that I have got to spend three years working at Sparta Global and it has been a time of many great experiences and challenges. A time that I won’t quickly forget!