My Spartan story: Daniel Ungureanu


Daniel Ungureanu spent 11 years working as a minicab driver in London before deciding to change his career entirely, and explore a future in tech. Joining Sparta Global’s DevOps programme after graduating from the University of Roehampton, Daniel is now awaiting his first assignment to one of our clients. In addition, and with the help of our continuous learning support, Daniel is also preparing for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. We caught up with him to hear about his journey so far.


Hi Daniel! Let’s start by finding out a little bit more about you!  

I live in Colnbrook with Poyle - a very small, urbanised parish next to Heathrow terminal 5.

Before joining Sparta Global, I had done pretty much everything! I’ve worked as a travel agent, a barman, and even done audio and video editing for a small local TV station. However, I spent the last 11 years as a courier and minicab driver in London.

After graduating from the University of Roehampton, I stumbled across a Sparta job posting for a Graduate DevOps consultant.


What did you study at university?

Back home in Romania, I was part of the first generation that was able to choose IT as a high school specialisation, but life had other plans for me. I wasn’t able to carry on down that path until after finishing school.

I graduated in August 2021 with a First in Computing Technologies from the University of Roehampton.


Can you tell us a little about your training with Sparta?

I enjoyed the eight-week DevOps training with Sparta Global very much, even if it took me out of my comfort zone. It was challenging, but the teaching methods made so much sense;  lots of practice with real-world examples.

Whilst I am waiting to be assigned to a client that needs my skills, I have been very lucky . to have access to Udemy’s learning platform through Sparta Global, so I am currently upskilling in DevOps in preparation for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.


You are still right at the start of your journey, but what has been your biggest achievement as a Spartan so far?

I would say that my biggest achievement has been getting over my imposter syndrome. I’ve really learned to stop comparing myself to others and to start thinking about how far I have come already. I know now that if I keep learning and growing, I can be a success in this industry.

In five years I’d like to be a Senior DevOps engineer - preferably working remotely from a beach or the top of a mountain in a camper van!


Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates?

In an industry where everyone wants to employ graduates with three plus years of experience, I would say Sparta is a really good place to start out in tech. Of course, I would recommend doing your own research and choosing what’s best for you, but after joining Sparta and going through the training - I believe that Sparta was definitely the right choice for me!