My Spartan story: Viktor Mitre


I moved from Hungary to the UK and studied Computer Forensics and Security, which I loved. I imagined I’d use it to find a role in white hat hacking or defence.

After graduation, I spent six months looking for a job. A tremendous number of roles were available in both areas, and I applied for at least fifty, including some basic IT support roles. I didn’t hear back from most, and was offered only one interview, in which I gloriously failed. My confidence in shreds, I felt like I’d wasted my time in studying for three years. After six months I started to think I’d never get a role in technology and took unskilled minimum wage work to pay my bills.

In summer 2021 I was contacted by the Sparta Global Talent Team, who had seen my profile on a job board and thought my skills matched well with a specific client role they were recruiting for. The opportunity sounded brilliant, and I felt relieved to have found a new route into technology. Everything started to align: the idea of specialist training for a specific role was exciting, and the role itself – Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) – sounded like an interesting new challenge and a way to use my knowledge of computer security in an in-demand role.

Sparta helped coach me for my client interview, which I found incredibly useful and helped build my confidence as I prepared a presentation about SRE. Those skills have come in handy every day since, in stand-ups and meetings! I really enjoyed the trainer-led course, which combined areas already in my skillset, like Linux and Python, with new tools such as Terraform and Ansible, and cloud technologies in general. Delivering our final presentation to the Academy was great; I surprised myself with my confidence and how easily I could answer questions on my specialist areas.

Now at my client, I’m part of a massive project, and it’s a perfect starting role as there are so many technologies and components in the infrastructure that I get exposure to. Even my most senior colleagues are constantly learning, as we’re always striving to use what’s cutting edge.

The whole Sparta process launched me in the perfect career direction like a space shuttle! My life has transformed in six months – I have gained so much more knowledge and experience than I could have imagined, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

I would say that Sparta Global gave me a second chance at the career I always dreamed of, but really, it was the first chance.