My Spartan story: Zeeshan Javed


In the final year of my Forensic and Medical Science degree I found myself drawn to job vacancies within tech, but worried that my lack of technical experience would limit me. I could run an autopsy, but had no clue how to code!

When I spotted that Sparta Global were looking for Test Automation Engineers in Leeds, I was surprised that there were local roles available that would allow me to build a future in tech. The training provided the cornerstones – tools, technologies and approaches - but left enough room for me to explore the existing skills I’d fostered during my degree. I found my experience of mock court trials and presenting my findings, helped me feel confident communicating to the group as ScrumMaster!

Joining a consultancy (as my client assignment) has shown me that no matter what background you’re from, or how specific your degree, you can navigate your way into technology and adapt your skills to the needs of the role. As my consultancy has a huge range of clients – from media to banking to public sector – it opened my eyes that unique backgrounds such as mine can be really valuable. In my first few months, a tech lead looking to resource a project got in touch with me due to my specific skillset in forensics, and my current project is using technology to support the UK’s recovery from the pandemic!

I never thought I would find a role in my local area where I learn something new every day, contributing to projects that make a difference. Six months after finishing my training with Sparta, I’m coding every day, and have limitless opportunity to develop my skills and do cool things.