New faces: Catherine Smith, Marketing Executive at Sparta Global


Sparta Global’s business model was developed to give graduates the opportunity to thrive in a technology career, but it also provides a refreshing alternative to offshore outsourced and contractor IT models for blue-chip partners. With two very different target audiences, Catherine Smith joined our marketing team in May 2019 to help drive a combined graduate and corporate communications strategy. We caught up with Catherine to find out more…

Tell us a little about your career before Sparta Global

After completing my bachelor’s degree in Politics in 2014, I decided to start my own business in the airport industry. I signed up for the Princes Trust’s Enterprise program – a course that helps young people start their own business by training them up to be the best entrepreneur they can be. During the course I developed a new-found love for marketing and began working at a fintech company soon afterwards. From there it was a small step into the wonderful world of Sparta Global and an opportunity to really develop my career.   

What inspired you to work with Sparta Global?

I was excited by the company from the get-go and was particularly impressed by what they are trying to do in the technology sector. Technology is this constantly changing, complicated “thing” that continues to affect every aspect of our lives. To play a role in ensuring the UK has access to the capable and well-educated digital workforce it needs, was an easy sell for me.

How have you found your time at 125 London Wall so far?

The Head Office is made up of a group of lovely people – all from a variety of backgrounds but with the same shared vision. The team has been incredibly warm and welcoming, and it’s great to see how everyone is supportive of each other’s departments and responsibilities. We moved into the new office at 125 London Wall right after I joined, and I credit the vast open-plan working environment for encouraging such great communication and teamwork.

What is different about working at Sparta Global?

Before I joined Sparta, I must admit I did not know much about the technology sector – particularly the education challenges associated with its rapid expansion. Sparta Global is unique in that it encourages those with no previous history in technology to pull up their sleeves and give it a go. This attitude is something I am really enjoying. It made me realise there are so many opportunities available to graduates today - regardless of what you have studied or considered for a career in the past.

What are you most enjoying about working at Sparta Global?

The opportunity to be creative. I get to bring all my ideas to the table and I know they will be listened to - regardless of whether they all come to fruition. The constantly changing nature of technology also means no day is ever the same - with each problem requiring a unique solution. Working here has been really rewarding and I have loved feeling part of a team that is building a successful  company together.

What do you hope to achieve in your marketing role at Sparta Global?

Working alongside the sales team, I am aiming to deliver a strong marketing strategy that will  not only support our growth but help further grow the company. One way we are trying to achieve this is by diversifying our marketing toolset, using tried and tested platforms like Pardot and Salesforce to help us get our message out to as wide an audience as possible.

How do you see the technology industry changing in the next five years?

From what I have learned over the last few months, we should be looking at the banking and retail sector for the next big innovations. New banks are becoming increasingly recognisable while helping Millennials manage their finances better – changing the game for the entire industry. In the retail sector a lot of shops have had to close due to people now shopping online. Amazon has become this behemoth and it is almost scary to think where it will be in five years from now – technology will play a large role in either continuing or bucking that online trend.

Why do you think young people should be engaged by STEM careers?

There are a lot of opportunities open to you as a STEM expert. Technology is growing rapidly but it also has no signs of slowing down. Getting into the industry now means you will be able to progress quickly and be desirable to companies for years to come. A career in STEM can be picked up anywhere in the world and touches almost every sector in some way.

What excites you most about our Spartan talent?

I am just excited about the opportunities open to them! Many graduates come out of university without feeling appropriately informed for the working world. It can be disorienting and rather daunting, but at Sparta Global we are properly preparing graduates and for a career in the technology industry. Whether they come from a tech-focussed background or not, we recognise talent can come from any source. It is fantastic to see how quickly the new Spartans respond to our courses and how they go on to do great work in industry.