New faces: Emma Shilston, Consultant Care Associate at Sparta Global


With a keen interest in the changing pace of technology, Emma Shilston joined Sparta Global in July to work with and support our Spartan Consultants. We caught up with Emma to find out what she is most excited about achieving in her new role…


Welcome to Sparta Global Emma! How have you found your first month?

Everyone has been so welcoming – I had never worked at a company of this size before, so walking in on my first day was a little intimidating! But very quickly I realised how friendly an environment it is – feeling intimidated was not necessary! Everyone is supportive of each other and, while there are distinct teams, I like the fact my role exposes me to all of them. It’s been a great way for me to learn about the business model.


Why did you decide to join Sparta Global?

I had worked in the charity sector - both domestically and internationally – for some time, working in areas including education and mental health. While a lot of the work I did felt rewarding, I was keen to get more business and commercial exposure and felt now was the time for change.

I appreciate the importance of investing in young people and equipping them with the skills and know-how to enter the working world. Sparta Global not only offers its graduates technical training but also prepares them with the soft skills to complement their technical ability.


What are you most looking forward to achieving in your role at Sparta Global?

I am looking forward to getting to know as many consultants as possible and making sure they are having the training and work experience that is right for them.


What excites you about working in the technology industry?

I have always found the technology space interesting, especially the pace at which it changes and progresses. Technology is applicable to all sectors and Sparta Global gives you the opportunity to be exposed to all of them and adapt to clients’ changing needs.


Would you recommend Sparta Global as a place to work for other people?