“Not only does Sparta offer invaluable training and provide you with on-the-job experience, the company helps you improve your personal skills”


After studying Business Computing Systems at City, University of London, Imran Shaikh was unsure of which career path to follow. Learning about Sparta Global from the university’s Head of Careers, Imran joined the Sparta Academy in 2018. We spoke to Imran about our graduate course and his experience training to be a Business Analyst…


How did you first engage with Sparta Global?

I was studying Business Computing Systems at City, University of London when the Head of Careers came in to one of my classes and told the students about Sparta Global. The company sounded interesting and shortly afterwards, Gaia (Caruso, Talent and Partnerships Consultant at Sparta Global) came in to the university and we had a one-on-one chat about the training and how I would fit in with their programme.


In which ways did Sparta Global’s presence at the event help you learn more about your career choices in tech?

Meeting Gaia at the university meant I was able to have a more in-depth conversation about Sparta Global. She gave me a clear indication of what I should expect from Sparta and the Academy training and it was clear it was the right company for me. The opportunities seemed endless too.


How was your experience going through the recruitment process at Sparta Global?

I had a really positive recruitment experience with Sparta Global - it was extremely simple. Right from the outset Sparta let me know what they needed from me and they kept me up to date with the process the entire time so I was never unsure of my progress.


What is your current role and how are you finding it?

I am currently training as a Project Manager and Business Analyst at the Richmond Academy. I love this role because of the responsibility you have. The position is extremely rewarding because you are given the opportunity to deliver successful projects from start to finish. It’s great when you get to see the positive impact your hard work has had on the future of a business.


What advice would you give to university students who are looking for their first role in the industry?

Learning never ends! After finishing university, most students get to a point where they feel they have done enough studying. But in the technology industry new ideas are constantly being developed. It is really important to embrace these constant changes and never stop learning.


Would you recommend Sparta Global to other graduates?

Without a doubt! Not only does Sparta offer invaluable training and provide you with vital on-the-job experience, the company helps you greatly improve your personal skills too. Thanks to Sparta I am now more confident, and I have even been given the opportunity to interview other individuals. Skills like this are so important and the improvement I have made can be taken anywhere in my career.