November Spartan of the Month: Nadi Adem


With a degree in Games Design from The University of the Arts and Games Programming from the School of Audio Engineering, Nadi Adem had no issue catching the attention of employers. However, his lack of work experience in the technology industry left him behind other candidates and struggling to secure the job he wanted. After joining the Sparta Global Academy in December 2018, we were able to help Nadi capitalise on his degree, grow his confidence and prove his capabilities in his first tech role…


Congratulations for being named November Spartan of the Month! 

I was surprised when I heard, but glad that my hard work is paying off!


What made you first decide to join Sparta Global? 

With two degrees – in Games Design and Games Programming – I hadn’t found it difficult to find jobs I was interested in and secure job interviews after university, but getting to the stage of being hired was much harder.

I always passed the first few stages of an interview, but my lack of work experience meant I would stumble when asked about practical applications for technologies and methodologies I had learned about.  

I came across Sparta Global online when I was looking for job opportunities. Sparta offered me the chance early on in my career to get the experience I needed with my first job in industry. I joined the Academy’s engineering stream as a C# Developer in December 2018 and started on my first client project a few months later.


Tell us a little bit more about your training at our Academy and how it has helped prepare you for work? 

I felt confident before I even started at the Academy because of all the resources you are given in preparation and I was very lucky to have such talented trainers.


The training felt like it complemented my degrees well and as a result I was able to handle many tasks, learning about everything from programming to databases and business etiquette. I even had the opportunity to go through a number of simulations at Sparta Global, with constant scrum practice, various development tasks and presentations. It was exactly what I needed.


Soon after graduating from the Academy you started working on your first client project, can you tell us a little more about your tech role? 

I currently work at a large project management company as a software engineer but day-to-day work really varies! I was hired as a developer but I’m also involved in planning our tasks and designing software – in addition to its execution. I am also in regular contact with clients to discuss the direction projects need to go and demonstrate what we’ve worked on.  

At first I was slightly intimidated by the amount of work expected from me and the level of responsibility, but I learnt to simply go with it and enjoy the process. Not to mention I was very lucky to have a supportive team that made the transition very comfortable.


Would you encourage other graduates to consider a role with Sparta Global, and if so, why? 

When I left university, I knew I needed to work in a job that would challenge me and feed my curiosity. Now assigned to a Sparta Global client, my day-to-day responsibilities provide this in abundance!

Sparta Global’s model nurtures graduates and equips them with all the necessary tools they need to adapt to challenges and thrive in the competitive technology industry. I have enjoyed every moment of my experience with Sparta so far and I’m very excited to see what I achieve next!