October Spartan of the Month: Jason Blee


October's Spartan of the Month has been awarded to joint winners Jason Blee and Tomas Melstrom from The Law Society.


Jason Blee hadn’t always planned a career in technology, but after discovering Sparta Global, he joined our Java SDET course and excelled in a new industry. 11 months later and he has found his place at the forefront of cutting-edge, public sector technology, working as a Test Engineer at The Home Office.


Congratulations on being named Spartan of the Month for October! What does is mean to be recognised?

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to those who nominated me for this award. To be chosen from such a large and talented group of Spartans is both a huge surprise and an amazing compliment. It really means a lot to be recognised for my efforts and I am glad that any contributions I have made to Sparta Global and the Home Office have been well received. This has really inspired me to keep pushing myself, and I hope that I can carry on this path and continue to improve!


Had you always planned to work in technology?

Not really! Before joining Sparta Global I had studied at the University of Southampton and earned a degree in Chemistry.


However, I found an opportunity with Sparta Global online and their tech stream peaked my interest.


How did you find your Academy training?

I joined the Academy in December 2018 and studied on the Java SDET course. It was an intensive course, but I really enjoy this type of study. I also really enjoyed the sense of community Sparta Global managed to create as we were training. 


So, you graduated from the Academy and went on to your first role. Which Sparta Global client were you assigned to?

I was assigned to The Home Office in Croydon and have been here since the 10th December 2018 – 11 months now!


I am a Test Engineer and my day-to-day tasks include maintaining the regression pack, writing new tests, planning for future testing and helping with release management.


Can you see the impact your work is having at the Home Office?

Since joining The Home Office, I have seen a product I worked on go live and been part of several subsequent releases. One was the first live project from The Home Office’s data centre!

I also played a part in the team that helped to significantly reduce the test deficit of the project, creating a test deficit monitoring system and setting up a forum for testers across my project to aid in communication and knowledge transfer.


What do you enjoy most about working in technology?

I mainly enjoy the challenge that comes from the ever-changing landscape. There is always something new and interesting on the horizon. It keeps me on my toes!


Do you enjoy your work at the Home Office?

Yes! The work I am doing is interesting and is always challenging me to improve.


It’s also great to know the project I am working on is of great importance. I can see the work I am doing is helping to make a real difference to the business and the project - as well as the potential to impact the country as a whole.


Why would you encourage other young people to consider a career in the public sector?

There is a focus now for the public sector to be at the forefront of new technology - particularly in how it sets up and develops new technical projects. Because of this there are few better places to get to grips with and implement the latest technologies and methodologies than The Home Office.