PRESS RELEASE: Sparta Global Celebrates With Graduates As They Become A UK Top 20 Graduate Employer


On 19th Oct, Richmond based Sparta Global celebrated their recent success, becoming one of the UK’s Top 20 Graduate employers, through their unique business model. They take graduates with little or no technology experience and turn them into highly skilled technology consultants; serving local and national businesses addressing the current digital skills crisis, and graduate employability.

Currently, they work with around 100 clients nationally, providing ‘Spartans’; technology consultants to power short and long-term digital projects, in a cost-efficient and risk-free way - becoming a highly attractive proposition for clients such as Channel 4, EasyJet, Ministry of Justice, Canada Life, and Ebay. Their win-win model has seen hundreds of graduates passing through their academy in Richmond, and this year they reached the status of being one of the UK’s Top 20 graduate employers.

Going from strength to strength, being led by Founder Director entrepreneurs, David Rai and Tim Staton, they recently secured £4M from equity firm KCP to upscale their business and expand their technology graduate training academies into other regions around the UK; with the upcoming launch of their Leeds and Birmingham Academies.

David Rai, Co-Founder and CEO, Sparta Global said “Sparta Global invests in a rigorous training programme for young people who are passionate about technology and can bring fresh ideas to the table. They come from different university course backgrounds. Through our unique graduate programme - we turn them into technology consultants in the areas of Software Development, Testing, DevOps, Business Analysis and Project Management, the areas that clients have a high demand for skilled talent. Our agile training and development model means that we can supply fully trained and supported consultants to clients, within all sectors, for immediate digital skills gaps, and larger transformation projects. We are very excited to be one of the largest graduate employers within the UK.”

Melinda Fernandes, who is graduating from the Sparta Global Academy in Richmond 19 Oct, has completed a 12-week technology bootcamp, and will now be working as a technology consultant for one of their clients, said: “When I finished university, I found that my degree alone wasn't enough to get me on the career ladder. Most jobs I wanted to apply for required experience in very specific technologies, or industry experience. Graduate tech roles were also very competitive. I found that roles mainly went to those who had a year in industry or graduated with a very high grade. This could have been because, although companies offer training, they may not have the resources or it's too high a risk to train someone with less experience. Sparta Global invested in a rigorous training programme for me and provided me with a job as a technology consultant. I really enjoyed my experience within the Sparta Global training academy, and feel part of a supported community of technologists to help me with my ongoing career”

Mark Smith, Testing Manager, Channel 4, who hires consultants from the Sparta Global Academy saidIt’s so good to have Spartan tech consultants coming in with a fresh view on things. Getting graduate talent in without preconceptions is really refreshing. The quality of talent coming through the Sparta Global academy is exceptional. We put Spartan consultants into roles that would normally go to much more experienced contractors, and we have them working at a high-level very quickly.”

Sir Vince Cable, Leader of the Lib Dem party and MP for Twickenham commented “Having been responsible for skills and higher education in government it is extremely encouraging to see this kind of innovation in graduate recruitment within the tech sector. I am pleased to see that arts based and STEM graduates, and those from diverse backgrounds are being assisted into the tech sector in this way. With the onset of Brexit, developing homegrown talent is even more important, to ensure that organisations across the UK have the resources they need for their ongoing technical development. We need to see more of this kind of innovation for the UK to thrive during challenging times.”

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