PRESS RELEASE: Sparta Global launches technology consultancy and training academy in Leeds to support Northern based organisations


On 25th October an official launch event for a unique technology academy and consultancy firm, Sparta Global, took place in Leeds. The event was held at the Leeds ‘Digital Hub’; a venue and initiative that is supported by both the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Beckett University, which will be the location for the new Sparta Global North office and training academy. The technology academy will see hundreds of graduates from the local universities take part in a technology training bootcamps each year, and become employed as technology consultants, at Sparta Global; to serve local technology teams within the public and private sector. The technology training, which is free of charge to graduates, is part of a world-class hands-on practical training programme that has been developed in London and already seen hundreds of graduates within their London based academy get training and employment, and work for top firms; Channel 4, Discovery Channel, Ministry of Justice, Canada Life.

Within the UK technology industry there are a high proportion of consultants, UK Nationals and European talent, making up the tech industry workforce. The onset of Brexit is, therefore, likely to exacerbate the existing digital skills crisis, making the Sparta Global model and focus on upskilling homegrown talent even more important to large organisations and tech start-ups within the UK. Their Brexit proof flexible consulting model has already been welcomed by local industry in Leeds, and through the recent investment of £4M into their firm, from Leeds based investment firm KCP, will allow them to grow their services within Leeds, and the North of England. A recent report from IPPR North revealed that - “Across the whole of the UK, many digital tech companies currently find it very hard to access skilled talent and the sector faces a large skills gap, but this is a particular problem in the North. Currently we rely on skilled migrant labour to fill this gap, but the spectre of Brexit is causing many to question whether they will have access to the talent necessary to grow their businesses in the coming years”. Tthe report goes onto say “we find that there are substantially more vacancies for high-skilled digital tech professionals than there are applicants to fill them. Specifically, we have found that: all of the North’s regions have substantial digital skills gaps for digital tech workers educated to higher education level or equivalent.”

David Rai, CEO and Co-Founder, Sparta Global says “Following the recent investment from Leeds based equity firm KCP, we are able to develop our successful technology academy model, within Leeds, that provides appropriately skilled tech consultants to local industry; in areas such as DevOps, Software Development, Testing, Project Management, and Business Analysis. Local industry needs high-quality talent to power their technology projects – both short-term and long-term -  and that is what Sparta Global provides. Our mission is two-fold - not only will we draw upon the local talent pool from local universities addressing employability, we will provide high-quality technology consultants who can hit the ground running on client projects, due to the rigorous hands-on tech training that they receive at our academy. We are recruiting for over a hundred graduates within the next year for technology consultant roles, so students who are looking for a job in the tech sector can apply now, through the Sparta Global website, even before they have completed their degree. It doesn’t matter what degree course students are completing – we accept all course areas for our graduate programme - making it much more accessible than other programmes out there.”

Yorkshire born Sir Vince Cable, Leader of the Lib Dem party, recently commented “Having been responsible for skills and higher education in government it is extremely encouraging to see this kind of innovation in graduate recruitment within the tech sector. I am pleased to see that arts based and STEM graduates, and those from diverse backgrounds are being assisted into the tech sector in this way. With the onset of Brexit, developing homegrown talent is even more important, to ensure that organisations across the UK have the resources they need for their ongoing technical development. We need to see more of this kind of innovation for the UK to thrive during challenging times.”

Paul Salmon, Head of IT Business Systems at and Jet2holidays, based in Leeds said “We have been recruiting graduate technology consultants from Sparta Global for a number of years, so the introduction of this new academy in Leeds means that we can access consultants from a local talent pool, and build relationships with graduate consultants from an earlier stage. Taking on talented local consultants who have the right skills and who fit our company culture is great news for us.”

Tina Gohil, Sparta Global Consultant at and Jet2holidays, said “The project I'm currently working on is all about user experience on the website. I have always been of a curious nature, wondering how things work and I find that working in tech allows me the freedom to investigate new things to improve user experience and that is incredibly rewarding. I could not have done this without the amazing training that Sparta Global provided me with. I never imagined at University that I would be working in technology and for such a great client like and Jet2holidays. I didn’t study technology so they have made this transition possible..” 

Fran Parkinson, Leeds Beckett University, said “By Sparta Global being part of our Digital Hub, it means that we can get closer to this innovative organisation, which is helping students to go from university to employment with the right skills and attitude; through their reputable training programme and consultancy service. Within the next year the academy will have capacity to train and employ over 100 graduates from technical and non-technical courses, so it opens up such a fantastic route for students wishing to pursue a career in tech and who do not have previous experience in technology. This is a very exciting partnership for us, and look forward to seeing the results of their work over the next year and beyond, as they continue to grow their academy within Leeds.”