Rituja Rao has been shortlisted for Digital Hero of the Year Award!


Computing’s Digital Technology Leaders Awards celebrate companies and individuals transforming the technology industry today. Its Digital Hero of the Year Award recognises young people starting careers in the digital world who have succeeded on training schemes without prior experience. This year, Spartan Consultant Rituja Rao has been shortlisted for the prestigious award.

“Being nominated for the Digital Hero of the Year award is very humbling. It recognises that a career in tech has no specific route – regardless of one’s background, you can always push the boundaries and find innovative digital solutions. Being shortlisted for this award will help me spread this message and inspire young adults to think of a career in tech – regardless of their background,” says Rituja Rao.

And it’s true - Rituja did not follow a typical route into tech. It was while studying for a Journalism degree at the University of Westminster that she found her calling for technology in a rather unusual way – while writing for a technology magazine!

“When I finally landed a role at Sparta Global, I realised how a career in tech is all about the skills that you bring to a role. We often assume that technology is all about coding – but my experience has shown me that every member brings a diverse range of skills on an IT team. As a young IT professional, recognition for my work in digital transformation is extremely motivating.”

After graduating from Sparta Global’s business stream at the Richmond Academy in July 2018, Rituja was assigned to a large financial services client in Northampton.

“In my role as a Project Manager at a financial services firm, I find it very rewarding when my project comes to fruition. I am currently working on implementing a cloud platform across the company. To think that I am able to create a significant impact on business processes through digital transformation, it only goes to show how a tech career can be very rewarding.”

At Sparta Global we are dedicated to shaping tech talent and future leaders. We wish Rituja the best of luck for the awards – taking place July 2nd - and look forward to seeing her continue to learn and succeed on her client assignment.