Ruben Pinto: From sport to Sparta


Ruben Pinto has not followed a traditional route into technology. He studied Sports Analysis and Coaching at Kingston University before choosing to pursue a career in a new field. However, as a graduate from a non-technology background, Ruben struggled to find a graduate opportunity that did not require previous experience.

What drew you to Sparta Global?

I had been on the hunt for a job for around a year and I was always turned down because of my lack of experience. I was looking for IT jobs on my University’s job board when I came across Sparta Global. I went on to the website and was happy to see that many of the Spartans had come from different walks of life - not all had studied technical degrees.

When I attended a Sparta Day this was reinforced again – there was actually a company that didn’t care so much about how much experience I had! Sparta Global was more interested in the skills I had and how much I was willing to learn on the job.

How did you find your training at the Academy?

It was intensive but left me very well prepared for my assignment. Meeting people from so many different walks of life allowed me to see things from different perspectives.

How did your training prepare you for work?

My training focussed on the skills we needed for the real world - such as key business knowledge. The skills I developed at University weren’t all applicable to the actual world of work and I found this was my main issue when looking for an opportunity.

After completing your training, how did you find your first assignment on client-site?

It was a bit scary at first! I wasn’t sure what they would expect from me and I was concerned they could ask me to do things that I didn’t know right away. However, I was provided with a lot of help from my manager, Sparta and all the people in the department to make my integration a lot easier than I could have expected!

Are you enjoying working in the tech industry and if so – why?

Yes - I get to learn new things every day!

My skills keep on improving and I feel rewarded for overcoming the challenges I face on a daily basis in such a changing industry. I hadn’t really considered working in the tech industry before joining Sparta Global, but I am very happy that I took the risk!

Would you recommend Sparta Global to other graduates and if so – why?

Yes! If you are someone who is willing to be committed and go above and beyond the norm, Sparta Global’s programme is a really good and quick way to kickstart a career in the tech industry.