September Spartan of the Month: Cassidy Louch


A fitting announcement for Birmingham Tech Week, Cassidy Louch joined our Birmingham Academy Data course after being home schooled his entire life. Adapting incredibly quickly to his new learning environment, Cassidy has impressed everyone with his flair for Data Engineering and ability to effect change in the workplace in his new role with a large retailer. We sat down with Cassidy to find out more about his journey…


Congratulations for being named Spartan of the Month for September!

It feels amazing to be recognised as Spartan of the Month by my line managers and Sparta Global. It’s so refreshing to know that my hard work is being noticed, and so early on in my career too!


That’s right! It wasn’t too long ago that you left the Academy.

No not at all. I joined the Birmingham Academy to study the Data Engineering course in December last year and finished in February – just before lockdown!  


How did you find out about Sparta Global?

I’m different to a lot of those in my Academy class who found out about Sparta Global from their Universities or at a careers fair because I have never had any form of higher education. I’ve always been taught at home!

I found out about Sparta Global through someone I knew had hired Spartans in the past. Through talking to them about getting into technology, they recommended the company as a great starting point for someone like me.


Having never stepped into a traditional form of education or training before, how did you decide Sparta Global was the right path for you?

Sparta Global makes a real investment in its trainees early on – providing funded training upfront and support – and throughout your career as a Spartan consultant to help you succeed in tech.  This, combined with the people and the atmosphere you get from training in a group, made me know this was the right place for me.


Can you tell us a bit more about your training experience?

For me, the Academy training was perfect for building a solid foundation of fundamental data skills and covered exactly what I needed to get up and running in this industry. But the training also enabled us to go into more depth when studying certain areas, it wasn’t just a basic lesson in engineering.


If I was to be asked how the training prepared me for work, I would say – perfectly! I can’t sum it up any better than that!


Can you tell us a bit more about your current position and client?

I am working as a Data Engineer for a large retail organisation based in the North of England.


Day-to-day my role changes depending where I’m needed, but it can range from ingesting data from third parties to designing views for data scientists, creating and building data models, talking with clients and designing solutions. It’s always changing, and I love it!


How have you found your first tech role?

Amazing! I have such a wonderful team and it makes work barely even feel like work. With technology moving so fast and new innovations coming to light all the time, there’s never a dull moment.


There is always something new to learn and that’s the environment I want to be in.