Siraje Kiingi: November Spartan of the Month


Graduating with a Financial Economics degree at a time where the pandemic was still drastically impacting early careers opportunities, Siraje looked for alternate career paths that could provide progression in his area of interest. After joining Sparta Global’s Business Analysis programme and completing his training remotely, Siraje is now working for a leading Japanese bank in his home city. Read his story…

Congratulations on being named Spartan of the month for November!

Thank you! Being named Spartan of the month has given me a great sense of pride. It felt extremely good to be recognised for the work I have put in and to know that this work is being valued and appreciated. 

You are one of many Spartans who joined us during the pandemic – why did you make the decision to start a career in technology with us?

Before the pandemic I had moved from my home in London to the Midlands to study Financial Economics at the University of Leicester.

I found out about Sparta Global whilst looking for jobs in the Business analysis field. After coming across them I was very interested in their focus on young talent, training opportunities and career path opportunities - as well as their wide-ranging client base. I decided it was the right path for me after speaking to the talent team about Sparta’s vision and company structure, which was very well aligned to the stage I was at in my life as a graduate looking for opportunities during a pandemic.

So, you were accepted into the Academy and then completed your training remotely?

Yes. I joined Sparta Global on April 6th 2021 and finished on May 21st. All of my training was conducted through Microsoft Teams and I was able to complete everything from my home in London.

Training had to be conducted differently because of the pandemic, but how did you find it prepared your for work?

Training at the academy was very intense with fast paced learning and picking up a lot of new concepts and ideas, but it was very much enjoyable too. Despite being conducted over Microsoft teams, there were still a lot of group activities and interactions and I has  absolutely great support from our trainer.


Ultimately, the training prepared me for work through a lot for practical application activities and assessments where we were able to apply the concepts we were learning.

After training you were assigned to work with our client – a leading Japanese bank based in London. Can you tell us a little about your day-to-day role?

My role as a Business Analyst involves liaising with business stakeholders and software development teams to manage the company’s data warehouse and backlog requirements. This involve conducting regular meetings with stakeholders to understand, refine, prioritise, and then prepare requirements for delivery.

As someone who hadn’t always considered working in technology, are you enjoying working in the industry?

I am very much enjoying working in the tech industry! This is because there is so much room for progress and growth - not only in career trajectory, but also across additional learning and training.


What would you say to other young people seeking opportunities in technology?

I would completely recommend Sparta to other graduates. Sparta is providing opportunities for individuals to progress in a field that may not be easily accessible to everyone - especially those who do not have an educational background in STEM subjects. In addition to this, Sparta have great core values that I believe are highlighted across the training course and go a long way to preparing Spartans for the world of work.