“Sparta Global made the choice to join an easy one - I would be exposed to so many different opportunities.”


Recently hired as a Junior Project Manager in her first tech role, Gabrielle Earl – Quarcoo has excelled in her Sparta training and as a role model for women in tech. We caught up with Gabrielle to discuss her first meeting with Sparta Global and why a career in tech caught her eye…


How did you first come across Sparta Global?

I was attending the University of Greenwich – where I was studying for a BSc in Computing – and I came across Sparta Global at a graduate fair for STEM Women at the British Museum. The event was recommended to me by my University and this is where I first engaged with the Sparta team.


Why did you make the decision to work towards a career in tech? Did Sparta help you navigate that decision?

I was already coming from a background of technology with my university degree, but Sparta Global gave me the opportunity to enhance my skill set with something new. Sparta Global offered me the chance to explore a new opportunity in business where I was able to excel and thrive in the 8-week intensive training course.


How did Sparta Global’s presence at the graduate fair help you learn more about your career choices in tech?

Sparta Global’s presence in the industry made the choice to join an easy one - I would be exposed to so many different opportunities. Sparta Global works with companies in so many different sectors and they opened my eyes to all the different paths I could work towards if I was determined enough.


How was your experience going through the recruitment process at Sparta Global?

The whole recruitment process was a real eye opener and I gained a new understanding of graduate schemes.

With my university inviting me to the STEM for Women graduation fair, I was able to meet Sparta Global face-to-face and bypass the usual application process where I would be amongst thousands of applicants.

After meeting Gaia [Caruso, Talent and Partnerships Consultant at Sparta Global], I had a phone interview and was invited to a Sparta Day. I had the chance to showcase my knowledge and I was then asked to become a Spartan.


What is your current role and how are you finding it?

I have now been placed in my first tech role at an asset management company as a PMO Analyst. I start on October 8th 2018!


What advice would you give to current university students looking for their first role in industry?

Have an open mindset when you are looking for a route to employment. Training schemes are great, they help graduates advance their knowledge from university and be more effective in their chosen industry.


Would you recommend Sparta Global to other graduates?

Yes! Sparta Global offers a great opportunity to obtain greater knowledge about the industry and get a fantastic training experience.