“Sparta made me realise opportunities are open to everyone in the industry - even if you’ve chosen not to follow a tech route through university”


Nearing the end of university and unsure of what do next, a chance meeting with Sparta Global helped Ashley Scott discover a future in tech. In our first university stories blog, we spoke to Ashley about meeting our talent team and his journey from grad to Spartan consultant at the Sparta Academy…


How did you first come across Sparta Global?

I was studying for a degree in Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences at Brunel University and came across Gaia (Caruso, Talent and Partnerships Consultant at Sparta Global) at a University Employer in the Foyer session. I was outside the library that afternoon and overheard Gaia talking about roles in the tech industry and I thought, “I have nothing to lose!”. After speaking with Gaia I became even more interested.


Why did you decide to get into tech after studying a degree in Sports Sciences, and how did Sparta help you navigate that decision?

I had been asking myself what I wanted to do when I finished university, but I just didn't know. Without realising it I had begun to immerse myself in tech. In August last year I began building a PC. I really enjoyed the project and knew I wanted to learn more. I started doing online courses but I was aware these alone were not enough to get my foot in the door of the tech industry.

Sparta Global made me realise opportunities are open to everyone in the tech industry - even if you’ve chosen not to follow a tech route through university. While my lack of practical tech experience may have limited my opportunities in the past, my other skills helped separate me from other candidates. Realising this, I considered Sparta as a serious post degree option.


Having joined the Sparta Academy, how have you found the learning process from recruitment to now?

The process has been simple, efficient and informative from start to finish. I am currently a Business Consultant in training, nearing the end of my eight-week course and getting ready to sit my ISTQB exam. I have already learnt SQL and obtained my Business Analysis qualification.

I am still really enjoying the course, learning new things and thriving in the Academy environment. By week four I was in front of clients and interviewing for roles in the future. This approach eased my worries about job searching and has helped me grow in confidence.


How did you find the transition from training to landing your first client project?

In week four – just halfway through the training course – I was faced with my first interview. Trainees do not normally interview this early in the process, but the client had a unique opportunity on offer.

The transition between training and this first client engagement was great because Sparta’s training had involved real world examples which prepared me for projects on client sites in the future. The difference between the person I was when I joined the Academy, to the person I was in week four, was completely different. I had developed knowledge of an industry that was previously unfamiliar and - when added to the skills I had learned at university - it was a recipe for success.



What advice would you give to university students looking for their first role in the tech industry?

Tech is an exciting industry for everyone. It may take a few rejections until the right opportunity arises, but if you want to move into an industry that isn't related to your degree - there are always options. The tech industry needs individuals that work and think in different ways to holistically develop tech for the future. Investigate your options and network with people in the industry.


Would you recommend Sparta Global to other graduates?

I would recommend Sparta Global to everyone. The training is intense but the trainers are amazing and supportive throughout, you'll be surprised how much you learn and how quickly!

If you have an interest in tech, or you’re just curious about what the tech industry can offer, attend a Sparta day and get a feel for the Academy’s training courses.