Spartan Chris Pearce: from learning to leading


While studying a degree in Business and Economics at the University of Greenwich, Chris Pearce was introduced to Sparta Global. Within a matter of months he went from learning new tech skills to leading projects at a successful financial services company…


How did your tech journey begin with Sparta Global?

I graduated from the University of Greenwich and they run a scheme that recognises their best and brightest students. I was fortunate enough to be a part of that and I was invited to a number of networking events. Sparta Global was present at one of these and this is how I discovered the company.

I joined the Richmond Academy soon after as part of Business Class 10 – learning project management, business analysis and testing skills. The part of training I enjoyed the most was Agile week – my trainer varied teaching scenarios throughout but was sure to throw in a few curve balls to keep us on our toes!

In July 2018 I graduated and was ready to start my career with Sparta.  


Tell us a little bit more about your current tech role

I am currently working for a leading financial services firm in Northampton and have been working as a Project Manager at the company for eight months.


What does a typical working day look like?

My days and types of activity can really differ, but my attention is generally focussed on managing/reviewing budget, stakeholder needs and supporting my team. The main things I try to do every day are stay calm (regardless of pressures), stick to my promises and be proactive.

Right now I am running a project that was recently split into two due to a quick change in scope. I'm delivering the cloud based SharePoint 365 solution to the department alongside a new project management tool. When working on two tasks like this, stakeholder management is key: it is important to continually update different parts of the business to ensure we have a clear end goal. I've found working in project management that the goal posts are constantly moving. You need to keep plans of action updated daily and sometimes this means I find myself reaching out to different parts of the business to continue my learning and better understand the requirements of the departments involved in my projects.


How have you found your time with Sparta Global?

I have seen tangible benefits from my work. It is clear in my current role that savings can be gained through the automation of tasks that are currently stifled by manual input. In small businesses, money spent on manual resources is better spent elsewhere.


I absolutely enjoy the work I am doing and the support from Sparta and my placement company has been brilliant. My line managers are knowledgeable and always on hand to help!